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2021 Feb NS0-155 free exam

Q21. Which storage system command would display the WWPNs of hosts that have logged into storage system using a Fibre Channel connection? 

A. fcp config 

B. fcp initiator show 

C. fcp show –i 

D. fcp show initiator 


Q22. For automatic user name mapping to occur for a CIFS and UNIX user name that are the same, you must do what? 

A. Enter the CIFS user in the NIS database. 

B. Enter the user names in the /etc/hosts.equiv file. 

C. Use both a NIS server and a Domain Controller in the network. 

D. Nothing: mapping will occur if user name authentication is available. 


Q23. In a tape environment after a SnapRestore reversion of a volume, incremental backup and restore operations on the file or volume cannot rely on the timestamps to determine what data needs to be backed up or restored. Which course of action ensures correct incremental backups? 

A. Perform a base-level backup of the volume after you restore it. 

B. Reboot the storage system to reset timestamps back to their original times before the reversion. 

C. Take a new snapshot of the volume to create new base-level timestamps for the incremental backup. 

D. Take a new snapshot of the volume to create new base-level timestamps for the incremental backup, and then perform a base-level backup of the volume after you restore it. 


Q24. To configure a storage system as a member of a Windows active directory domain, the time on the storage system must be set to be within plus or minus five minutes of the time on the domain controller. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q25. Which MetroCluster configuration procedure is recommended for re-establishing a mirrored volume that was in a level-0 resynchronization state when it failed? 

A. Determine which volumes are at the remote and disaster sites. 

B. Re-create the synchronous mirror. 

C. Rejoin the two volumes. 

D. Turn on power to the cluster node at the disaster site. 


Up to date NS0-155 exam question:

Q26. Which command on the storage system allows you to display statistics on the performance of system resource such as CPU, NVRAM, network interfaces, and disks? 

A. netstat 

B. netdiag 

C. pktt 

D. sysstat 


Q27. Which statement is true about expanding an aggregate from 32-bit to 64-bit in place? 

A. All aggregates are automatically converted from 32-bit to 64-bit with the Data ONTAP 8.1 upgrade. 

B. The expansion is triggered by an aggr convert command. 

C. The expansion is triggered by adding disks to exceed 16 TB. 

D. The 32-bit aggregates are degraded and must be Volume SnapMirrored to a new 64-bit aggregates with Data ONTAP 8.1 upgrade. 


Q28. You are trying to do a single file SnapRestore for a file, but you are receiving an error message that the directory structure no longer exists. Which is the most likely explanation? 

A. Once the directory structure has been deleted, you cannot restore the file using single file SnapRestore. You must now SnapRestore the volume. 

B. Snapshot copies have been created since the original directory structure was deleted. 

C. You must recreate the directory structure before trying to restore the file. 

D. You cannot restore a file to an alternate location. 


Q29. If the security style is set to UNIX, CIFS client file access is determined by ___________. 


B. the last client to set permissions 

C. the mapped UNIX UID/GID of the CIFS client and the UNIX file permissions 

D. This is not allowed: A CIFS client cannot access files in a path set to a security style of UNIX 


Q30. When using MetroCluster in a forced takeover mode, identify two methods for restricting access to the disaster site node. (Choose two) 

A. Use manual fencing 

B. Use the cf giveback –f command. 

C. Use the cf forcetakeover –d command. 

D. Turn off power to the disaster site node. 

E. Isolate the failed node from the surviving node. 

Answer: AD 

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