Most recent EC-Council 312-49v8 - An Overview 61 to 70

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2021 Feb 312-49v8 exam topics

Q61. Wireless network discovery tools use two different methodologies to detect, monitor and log a WLAN device (i.e. active scanning and passive scanning). Active scanning methodology involves ____________and waiting for responses from available wireless networks. 

A. Broadcasting a probe request frame 

B. Sniffing the packets from the airwave 

C. Scanning the network 

D. Inspecting WLAN and surrounding networks 


Q62. According to US federal rules, to present a testimony in a court of law, an expert witness needs to furnish certain information to prove his eligibility. Jason, a qualified computer forensic expert who has started practicing two years back, was denied an expert testimony in a computer crime case by the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Virginia. Considering the US federal rules, what could be the most appropriate reason for the court to reject Jason's eligibility as an expert witness? 

A. Jason was unable to furnish documents showing four years of previous experience in the field 

B. Being a computer forensic expert, Jason is not eligible to present testimony in a computer crime case 

C. Jason was unable to furnish documents to prove that he is a computer forensic expert 

D. Jason was not aware of legal issues involved with computer crimes 


Q63. You can interact with the Registry through intermediate programs. Graphical user interface (GUI) Registry editors such as Regedit.exe or Regedt32 exe are commonly used as intermediate programs in Windows 7. Which of the following is a root folder of the registry editor? 






Q64. Which of the following is the certifying body of forensics labs that investigate criminal cases by analyzing evidence? 

A. The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) 

B. International Society of Forensics Laboratory (ISFL) 

C. The American Forensics Laboratory Society (AFLS) 

D. The American Forensics Laboratory for Computer Forensics (AFLCF) 


Q65. Operating System logs are most beneficial for Identifying or Investigating suspicious activities involving a particular host. Which of the following Operating System logs contains information about operational actions performed by OS components? 

A. Event logs 

B. Audit logs 

C. Firewall logs 

D. IDS logs 


Up to the immediate present 312-49v8 test question:

Q66. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is a communication protocol used to connect different hosts in the Internet. It contains four layers, namely the network interface layer. Internet layer, transport layer, and application layer. 

Which of the following protocols works under the transport layer of TCP/IP? 






Q67. How do you define forensic computing? 

A. It is the science of capturing, processing, and investigating data security incidents and making it acceptable to a court of law. 

B. It is a methodology of guidelines that deals with the process of cyber investigation 

C. It Is a preliminary and mandatory course necessary to pursue and understand fundamental principles of ethical hacking 

D. It is the administrative and legal proceeding in the process of forensic investigation 


Q68. Which of the following email headers specifies an address for mailer-generated errors, like "no such user" bounce messages, to go to (instead of the sender's address)? 

A. Errors-To header 

B. Content-Transfer-Encoding header 

C. Mime-Version header 

D. Content-Type header 


Q69. Dumpster Diving refers to: 

A. Searching for sensitive information in the user's trash bins and printer trash bins, and searching the user's desk for sticky notes 

B. Looking at either the user's keyboard or screen while he/she is logging in 

C. Convincing people to reveal the confidential information 

D. Creating a set of dictionary words and names, and trying all the possible combinations to crack the password 


Q70. Which of the following attacks allows an attacker to access restricted directories, including application source code, configuration and critical system files, and to execute commands outside of the web server's root directory? 

A. Unvalidated input 

B. Parameter/form tampering 

C. Directory traversal 

D. Security misconfiguration 


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