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2021 Feb 312-49v8 free practice questions

Q21. The ARP table of a router comes in handy for Investigating network attacks, as the table contains IP addresses associated with the respective MAC addresses. 

The ARP table can be accessed using the __________command in Windows 7. 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q22. What is the "Best Evidence Rule"? 

A. It states that the court only allows the original evidence of a document, photograph, or recording at the trial rather than a copy 

B. It contains system time, logged-on user(s), open files, network information, process information, process-to-port mapping, process memory, clipboard contents, service/driver information, and command history 

C. It contains hidden files, slack space, swap file, index.dat files, unallocated clusters, unused partitions, hidden partitions, registry settings, and event logs 

D. It contains information such as open network connection, user logout, programs that reside in memory, and cache data 


Q23. All the Information about the user activity on the network, like details about login and logoff attempts, is collected in the security log of the computer. When a user's login is successful, successful audits generate an entry whereas unsuccessful audits generate an entry for failed login attempts in the logon event ID table. 

In the logon event ID table, which event ID entry (number) represents a successful logging on to a computer? 

A. 528 

B. 529 

C. 530 

D. 531 


Q24. At the time of evidence transfer, both sender and receiver need to give the information about date and time of transfer in the chain of custody record. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q25. Which of the following Steganography techniques allows you to encode information that ensures creation of cover for secret communication? 

A. Substitution techniques 

B. Transform domain techniques 

C. Cover generation techniques 

D. Spread spectrum techniques 


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Q26. If the partition size Is 4 GB, each cluster will be 32 K. Even If a file needs only 10 K, the entire 32 K will be allocated, resulting In 22 K of___________. 

A. Slack space 

B. Deleted space 

C. Cluster space 

D. Sector space 


Q27. Smith, an employee of a reputed forensic Investigation firm, has been hired by a private organization to investigate a laptop that is suspected to be involved in hacking of organization DC server. Smith wants to find all the values typed into the Run box in the Start menu. Which of the following registry key Smith will check to find the above information? 

A. UserAssist Key 

B. MountedDevices key 

C. RunMRU key 

D. TypedURLs key 


Q28. LBA (Logical Block Address) addresses data by allotting a ___________to each sector of the hard disk. 

A. Sequential number 

B. Index number 

C. Operating system number 

D. Sector number 


Q29. Deposition enables opposing counsel to preview an expert witness's testimony at trial. Which of the following deposition is not a standard practice? 

A. Both attorneys are present 

B. Only one attorneys is present 

C. No jury or judge 

D. Opposing counsel asks questions 


Q30. Ever-changing advancement or mobile devices increases the complexity of mobile device examinations. Which or the following is an appropriate action for the mobile forensic investigation? 

A. To avoid unwanted interaction with devices found on the scene, turn on any wireless interfaces such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios 

B. Do not wear gloves while handling cell phone evidence to maintain integrity of physical evidence 

C. If the device's display is ON. the screen's contents should be photographed and, if necessary, recorded manually, capturing the time, service status, battery level, and other displayed icons 

D. If the phone is in a cradle or connected to a PC with a cable, then unplug the device from the computer 


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