Most recent EC-Council 312-49v8 - An Overview 51 to 60

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2021 Feb 312-49v8 dumps

Q51. File signature analysis involves collecting information from the __________ of a file to determine the type and function of the file 

A. First 10 bytes 

B. First 20 bytes 

C. First 30 bytes 

D. First 40 bytes 


Q52. Digital evidence is not fragile in nature. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q53. An image is an artifact that reproduces the likeness of some subject. These are produced by optical devices (i.e. cameras, mirrors, lenses, telescopes, and microscopes). 

Which property of the image shows you the number of colors available for each pixel in an image? 

A. Pixel 

B. Bit Depth 

C. File Formats 

D. Image File Size 


Q54. Which of the following is not an example of a cyber-crime? 

A. Fraud achieved by the manipulation of the computer records 

B. Firing an employee for misconduct 

C. Deliberate circumvention of the computer security systems 

D. Intellectual property theft, including software piracy 


Q55. Which of the following steganography types hides the secret message in a specifically designed pattern on the document that is unclear to the average reader? 

A. Open code steganography 

B. Visual semagrams steganography 

C. Text semagrams steganography 

D. Technical steganography 


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Q56. Task list command displays a list of applications and services with their Process ID (PID) for all tasks running on either a local or a remote computer. 

Which of the following task list commands provides information about the listed processes, including the image name, PID, name, and number of the session for the process? 

A. tasklist/s 

B. tasklist/u 

C. tasklist/p 

D. tasklist/v 


Q57. What is a chain of custody? 

A. A legal document that demonstrates the progression of evidence as it travels from the original evidence location to the forensic laboratory 

B. It is a search warrant that is required for seizing evidence at a crime scene 

C. It Is a document that lists chain of windows process events 

D. Chain of custody refers to obtaining preemptive court order to restrict further damage of evidence in electronic seizures 


Q58. Computer forensics report provides detailed information on complete computer forensics investigation process. It should explain how the incident occurred, provide technical details of the incident and should be clear to understand. Which of the following attributes of a forensics report can render it inadmissible in a court of law? 

A. It includes metadata about the incident 

B. It includes relevant extracts referred to In the report that support analysis or conclusions 

C. It is based on logical assumptions about the incident timeline 

D. It maintains a single document style throughout the text 


Q59. What is the goal of forensic science? 

A. To determine the evidential value of the crime scene and related evidence 

B. Mitigate the effects of the information security breach 

C. Save the good will of the investigating organization 

D. It is a disciple to deal with the legal processes 


Q60. Network forensics allows Investigators 10 inspect network traffic and logs to identify and locate the attack system 

Network forensics can reveal: (Select three answers) 

A. Source of security incidents’ and network attacks 

B. Path of the attack 

C. Intrusion techniques used by attackers 

D. Hardware configuration of the attacker's system 

Answer: A,B,C 

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