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2021 Apr 312-50 exam

Q441. Charlie is the network administrator for his company. Charlie just received a new Cisco router and wants to test its capabilities out and to see if it might be susceptible to a DoS attack resulting in its locking up. The IP address of the Cisco switch is What command can Charlie use to attempt this task? 

A. Charlie can use the command: ping -l 56550 -t. 

B. Charlie can try using the command: ping 56550 

C. By using the command ping Charlie would be able to lockup the router 

D. He could use the command: ping -4 56550 

Answer: A

Q442. War dialing is one of the oldest methods of gaining unauthorized access to the target systems, it is one of the dangers most commonly forgotten by network engineers and system administrators. A hacker can sneak past all the expensive firewalls and IDS and connect easily into the network. Through wardialing an attacker searches for the devices located in the target network infrastructure that are also accessible through the telephone line. 

‘Dial backup’ in routers is most frequently found in networks where redundancy is required. Dial-on-demand routing(DDR) is commonly used to establish connectivity as a backup. 

As a security testers, how would you discover what telephone numbers to dial-in to the router? 

A. Search the Internet for leakage for target company’s telephone number to dial-in 

B. Run a war-dialing tool with range of phone numbers and look for CONNECT Response 

C. Connect using ISP’s remote-dial in number since the company’s router has a leased line connection established with them 

D. Brute force the company’s PABX system to retrieve the range of telephone numbers to dial-in 


Explanation: Use a program like Toneloc to scan the company’s range of phone numbers. 

Q443. You work for Acme Corporation as Sales Manager. The company has tight network security restrictions. You are trying to steal data from the company's Sales database (Sales.xls) and transfer them to your home computer. Your company filters and monitors traffic that leaves from the internal network to the Internet. How will you achieve this without raising suspicion? 

A. Encrypt the Sales.xls using PGP and e-mail it to your personal gmail account 

B. Package the Sales.xls using Trojan wrappers and telnet them back your home computer 

C. You can conceal the Sales.xls database in another file like photo.jpg or other files and send it out in an innocent looking email or file transfer using Steganography techniques 

D. Change the extension of Sales.xls to sales.txt and upload them as attachment to your hotmail account 

Answer: C

Q444. Jane wishes to forward X-Windows traffic to a remote host as well as POP3 traffic. She is worried that adversaries might be monitoring the communication link and could inspect captured traffic. She would line to tunnel the information to the remote end but does not have VPN capabilities to do so. 

Which of the following tools can she use to protect the link? 

A. MD5 




Answer: B

Explanation: Port forwarding, or tunneling, is a way to forward otherwise insecure TCP traffic through SSH Secure Shell. You can secure for example POP3, SMTP and HTTP connections that would otherwise be insecure. 

Q445. BankerFox is a Trojan that is designed to steal users' banking data related to certain banking entities. 

When they access any website of the affected banks through the vulnerable Firefox 3.5 browser, the Trojan is activated and logs the information entered by the user. All the information entered in that website will be logged by the Trojan and transmitted to the attacker's machine using covert channel. 

BankerFox does not spread automatically using its own means. It needs an attacking user's intervention in order to reach the affected computer. 

What is the most efficient way an attacker located in remote location to infect this banking Trojan on a victim's machine? 

A. Physical access - the attacker can simply copy a Trojan horse to a victim's hard disk infecting the machine via Firefox add-on extensions 

B. Custom packaging - the attacker can create a custom Trojan horse that mimics the appearance of a program that is unique to that particular computer 

C. Custom packaging - the attacker can create a custom Trojan horse that mimics the appearance of a program that is unique to that particular computer 

D. Custom packaging - the attacker can create a custom Trojan horse that mimics the appearance of a program that is unique to that particular computer 

E. Downloading software from a website? An attacker can offer free software, such as shareware programs and pirated mp3 files 

Answer: E

Q446. You receive an email with the following message: 

Hello Steve, 

We are having technical difficulty in restoring user database record after the recent blackout. Your account data is corrupted. Please logon to the SuperEmailServices.com and change your password. http://www.supermailservices.com@0xde.0xad.0xbe.0xef/support/logon.htm If you do not reset your password within 7 days, your account will be permanently disabled locking you out from our e-mail services. Sincerely, Technical Support SuperEmailServices 

From this e-mail you suspect that this message was sent by some hacker since you have been using their e-mail services for the last 2 years and they have never sent out an e-mail such as this. You also observe the URL in the message and confirm your suspicion about 0xde.0xad.0xbde.0xef which looks like hexadecimal numbers. You immediately enter the following at Windows 2000 command prompt: 

Ping 0xde.0xad.0xbe.0xef 

You get a response with a valid IP address. 

What is the obstructed IP address in the e-mail URL? 





Answer: A

Explanation: 0x stands for hexadecimal and DE=222, AD=173, BE=190 and EF=239 

Q447. To scan a host downstream from a security gateway, Firewalking: 

A. Sends a UDP-based packet that it knows will be blocked by the firewall to determine how specifically the firewall responds to such packets 

B. Uses the TTL function to send packets with a TTL value set to expire one hop past the identified security gateway 

C. Sends an ICMP ''administratively prohibited'' packet to determine if the gateway will drop the packet without comment. 

D. Assesses the security rules that relate to the target system before it sends packets to any hops on the route to the gateway 

Answer: B

Explanation: Firewalking uses a traceroute-like IP packet analysis to determine whether or not a particular packet can pass from the attacker’s host to a destination host through a packet-filtering device. This technique can be used to map ‘open’ or ‘pass through’ ports on a gateway. More over, it can determine whether packets with various control information can pass through a given gateway. 

Q448. Which of the following LM hashes represent a password of less than 8 characters? (Select 2) 

A. BA810DBA98995F1817306D272A9441BB 

B. 44EFCE164AB921CQAAD3B435B51404EE 

C. 0182BD0BD4444BF836077A718CCDF409 

D. CEC52EB9C8E3455DC2265B23734E0DAC 

E. B757BF5C0D87772FAAD3B435B51404EE 

F. E52CAC67419A9A224A3B108F3FA6CB6D 

Answer: BE

Explanation: Notice the last 8 characters are the same 

Q449. What are the main drawbacks for anti-virus software? 

A. AV software is difficult to keep up to the current revisions. 

B. AV software can detect viruses but can take no action. 

C. AV software is signature driven so new exploits are not detected. 

D. It’s relatively easy for an attacker to change the anatomy of an attack to bypass AV systems 

E. AV software isn’t available on all major operating systems platforms. 

F. AV software is very machine (hardware) dependent. 

Answer: C

Explanation: Although there are functions like heuristic scanning and sandbox technology, the Antivirus program is still mainly depending of signature databases and can only find already known viruses.