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Q391. To scan a host downstream from a security gateway, Firewalking: 

A. Sends a UDP-based packet that it knows will be blocked by the firewall to determine how specifically the firewall responds to such packets 

B. Uses the TTL function to send packets with a TTL value set to expire one hop past the identified security gateway 

C. Sends an ICMP ''administratively prohibited'' packet to determine if the gateway will drop the packet without comment. 

D. Assesses the security rules that relate to the target system before it sends packets to any hops on the route to the gateway 


Q392. What is the primary drawback to using advanced encryption standard (AES) algorithm with a 256 bit key to share sensitive data? 

A. Due to the key size,the time it will take to encrypt and decrypt the message hinders efficient communication. 

B. To get messaging programs to function with this algorithm requires complex configurations. 

C. It has.been proven to be a weak cipher; therefore,should not be trusted to protect sensitive data. 

D. It.is a symmetric key algorithm,meaning each recipient must receive the key through a different channel than the message. 


Q393. Here is the ASCII Sheet. You want to guess the DBO username juggyboy (8 characters) using Blind SQL Injection technique. 

What is the correct syntax? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q394. Statistics from cert.org and other leading security organizations has clearly showed a steady rise in the number of hacking incidents perpetrated against companies. 

What do you think is the main reason behind the significant increase in hacking attempts over the past years? 

A. It is getting more challenging and harder to hack for non technical people. 

B. There is a phenomenal increase in processing power. 

C. New TCP/IP stack features are constantly being added. 

D. The ease with which hacker tools are available on the Internet. 


Q395. Doug is conducting a port scan of a target network. He knows that his client target network has a web server and that there is a mail server also which is up and running. Doug has been sweeping the network but has not been able to elicit any response from the remote target. Which of the following could be the most likely cause behind this lack of response? Select 4. 

A. UDP is filtered by a gateway 

B. The packet TTL value is too low and cannot reach the target 

C. The host might be down 

D. The destination network might be down 

E. The TCP windows size does not match 

F. ICMP is filtered by a gateway 

Answer: ABCF 

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Q396. What is a successful method for protecting a router from potential smurf attacks? 

A. Placing the router in broadcast mode 

B. Enabling port forwarding on the router 

C. Installing the router outside of.the network's firewall 

D. Disabling the router from accepting broadcast ping messages 


Q397. Johnny is a member of the hacking group Orpheus1. He is currently working on breaking into the Department of Defense's front end Exchange Server. He was able to get into the server, located in a DMZ, by using an unused service account that had a very weak password that he was able to guess. Johnny wants to crack the administrator password, but does not have a lot of time to crack it. He wants to use a tool that already has the LM hashes computed for all possible permutations of the administrator password. 

What tool would be best used to accomplish this? 

A. SMBCrack 

B. SmurfCrack 

C. PSCrack 

D. RainbowTables 


Q398. The SNMP Read-Only Community String is like a password. The string is sent along with each SNMP Get-Request and allows (or denies) access to a device. Most network vendors ship their equipment with a default password of "public". This is the so-called "default public community string". How would you keep intruders from getting sensitive information regarding the network devices using SNMP? (Select 2 answers) 

A. Enable SNMPv3 which encrypts username/password authentication 

B. Use your company name as the public community string replacing the default 'public' 

C. Enable IP filtering to limit access to SNMP device 

D. The default configuration provided by device vendors is highly secure and you don't need to change anything 

Answer: AC 

Q399. You want to carry out session hijacking on a remote server. The server and the client are communicating via TCP after a successful TCP three way handshake. The server has just received packet #120 from the client. The client has a receive window of 200 and the server has a receive window of 250. 

Within what range of sequence numbers should a packet, sent by the client fall in order to be accepted by the server? 

A. 200-250 

B. 121-371 

C. 120-321 

D. 121-231 

E. 120-370 


Q400. Sandra is the security administrator of XYZ.com. One day she notices that the XYZ.com Oracle database server has been compromised and customer information along with financial data has been stolen. The financial loss will be estimated in millions of dollars if the database gets into the hands of competitors. Sandra wants to report this crime to the law enforcement agencies immediately. 

Which organization coordinates computer crime investigations throughout the United States? 







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