Foolproof eccouncil 312-50v8 vce tips

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2021 Dec 312-50v8 download:

Q1. In which location, SAM hash passwords are stored in Windows 7? 

A. c:windowssystem32configSAM 

B. c:winntsystem32machineSAM 

C. c:windowsetcdriversSAM 

D. c:windowsconfigetcSAM 


Q2. SNMP is a connectionless protocol that uses UDP instead of TCP packets (True or False) 

A. true 

B. false 


Q3. What flags are set in a X-MAS scan?(Choose all that apply. 







Answer: CDF 

Q4. What is the algorithm used by LM for Windows2000 SAM? 

A. MD4 





Q5. Bob is going to perform an active session hijack against Brownies Inc. He has found a target that allows session oriented connections (Telnet) and performs the sequence prediction on the target operating system. He manages to find an active session due to the high level of traffic on the network. What is Bob supposed to do next? 

A. Take over the session 

B. Reverse sequence prediction 

C. Guess the sequence numbers 

D. Take one of the parties offline 


Rebirth 312-50v8 vce:

Q6. Which of the following identifies the three modes in which.Snort can be configured to run? 

A. Sniffer,Packet Logger,and Network Intrusion Detection System 

B. Sniffer,Network Intrusion Detection System,and Host Intrusion Detection System 

C. Sniffer,Host Intrusion Prevention System,and Network Intrusion Prevention System 

D. Sniffer,Packet Logger,and Host Intrusion Prevention System 


Q7. A developer for a tasked with creating a program that will allow customers to update their billing and shipping information. The billing address field used is limited to 50 characters..What pseudo code would the developer use to avoid a buffer overflow attack on the billing address field? 

A. if (billingAddress = 50) {update field} else exit 

B. if (billingAddress != 50) {update field} else exit 

C. if (billingAddress >= 50) {update field} else exit 

D. if (billingAddress <= 50) {update field} else exit 


Q8. Snort is an open source Intrusion Detection system. However, it can also be used for a few other purposes as well. 

Which of the choices below indicate the other features offered by Snort? 

A. IDS,Packet Logger,Sniffer 

B. IDS,Firewall,Sniffer 

C. IDS,Sniffer,Proxy 

D. IDS,Sniffer,content inspector 


Q9. What type of attack is shown in the following diagram? 

A. Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM) Attack 

B. Session Hijacking Attack 

C. SSL Spoofing Attack 

D. Identity Stealing Attack 


Q10. Bret is a web application administrator and has just read that there are a number of surprisingly common web application vulnerabilities that can be exploited by unsophisticated attackers with easily available tools on the Internet. He has also read that when an organization deploys a web application, they invite the world to send HTTP requests. Attacks buried in these requests sail past firewalls, filters, platform hardening, SSL, and IDS without notice because they are inside legal HTTP requests. Bret is determined to weed out vulnerabilities. 

What are some of the common vulnerabilities in web applications that he should be concerned about? 

A. Non-validated parameters,broken access control,broken account and session management,cross-site scripting and buffer overflows are just a few common vulnerabilities 

B. Visible clear text passwords,anonymous user account set as default,missing latest security patch,no firewall filters set and no SSL configured are just a few common vulnerabilities 

C. No SSL configured,anonymous user account set as default,missing latest security patch,no firewall filters set and an inattentive system administrator are just a few common vulnerabilities 

D. No IDS configured,anonymous user account set as default,missing latest security patch,no firewall filters set and visible clear text passwords are just a few common vulnerabilities 


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