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Q111. A switched network is being designed to support a manufacturing factory. Due to cost constraints, fiber-based connectivity is not an option. Which design allows for a stable network when there is a risk of interference from the manufacturing hardware in use on the factory floor? 

A. Design the network to include UDLD to detect unidirectional links and take them out of service. 

B. Design the network to include EtherChannel bundles to prevent a single-link failure from taking down a switch interconnection point. 

C. Design the network to include loop guard to prevent a loop in the switched network when a link has too much interference. 

D. Design the network to include BackboneFast on all devices to accelerate failure convergence times. 

Answer: A 

Q112. A Service Provider network designer is considering the use of the G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection mechanism in order to provide resiliency in the network. Which three concepts will be supported with the implementation G.8032? (Choose three.) 

A. Ring Protection Link (RPL) 

B. Ring Automatic Protection Switching (R-APS) 

C. Multi-Router Automatic Protection Switching (MR-APS) 

D. Automatic Protection Switching (APS) Channel 

Answer: ABD 

Q113. A network design shows two routers directly connected to an Ethernet switch using optical connections. There is an OSPF adjacency between the routers. In this design, which solution will ensure that interface down detection is reported as quickly as possible to the IGP? 

A. optimized OSPF SPF timers 

B. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection 

C. automatic protection switching 

D. optimized OSPF LSA timers 

E. Ethernet OAM CFM monitoring 

Answer: B 

Q114. To improve the stability of a global network, you have been tasked with changing the design to include link-state topology summarization. What are two issues that you should address as part of the design? (Choose two.) 

A. slow convergence 

B. suboptimal routing 

C. traffic black-holing 

D. packet reordering 

Answer: BC 

Q115. Your organization is working on a design solution for a new Internet-based remote access virtual private network that has 1000 remote sites. A network administrator recommends GETVPN as the model because the network of today uses DMVPN, which results in a lot of background NHRP control traffic. What is a potential problem with using GETVPN for this design solution? 

A. GETVPN would require a high level of background traffic to maintain its IPsec SAs. 

B. GETVPN is not scalable to a large number of remote sites. 

C. GETVPN and DMVPN will not interoperate. 

D. GETVPN key servers would be on public, hacker-reachable space and need higher security. 

Answer: D 

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Q116. A junior engineer is implementing one of your optical designs and asks about CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing). Which two features describe CWDM? (Choose two.) 

A. typically used over long distances, but requires optical amplification 

B. allows up to 32 optical carriers to be multiplexed onto a single fiber 

C. shares the same transmission window as DWDM 

D. uses the 850-nm band 

E. Passive CWDM devices require no electrical power. 

Answer: CE 

Q117. When adding an IPSec headend termination device to your network design, which two performance indicators are the most accurate to determine device scalability? (Choose two.) 

A. CPU capabilities 

B. bandwidth capabilities 

C. packets per second capabilities 

D. maximum tunnel termination capabilities 

Answer: CD 

Q118. As part of a new network design, you are helping the Network Management Team to develop a proactive report to identify places in the network where problems may happen. The network management tool can poll the network devices only via SNMP GET operations. Which two threshold-crossing metrics should you include in this report? (Choose two.) 

A. packet loss 

B. CPU utilization 

C. heat dissipation 

D. IP reachability 

E. energy consumption 

F. link bandwidth utilization 

Answer: BF 

Q119. Company A has grown nationwide in the U.S., and each new remote branch has a Metro Ethernet circuit provisioned back to the data center at the headquarters on the West Coast. The operations team says that it cannot manage hundreds of circuits as the company continues to grow. You review the topology and notice that many of the branches are close to each other in geographical zones. How can you redesign this network to improve manageability and increase scalability? 

A. Add an aggregation layer router in each geographical zone. 

B. Add a redundant data center on the East Coast to serve some of the traffic there. 

C. Add a default route in each branch toward the data center on the West Coast. 

D. Use Optimized Edge Routing at the data center. 

E. Build an overlay MPLS network with Layer 3 VPN. 

Answer: A 

Q120. A customer is using a service provider to provide a WAN backbone for a 30-site network. In establishing the network, the customer must work within these constraints: 

The customer has a self-managed MPLS backbone. 

The VPLS WAN backbone of the service provider does not support PIM snooping. 

Multicast VPN must be used for multicast support inside some VRFs. 

What can the customer do so that multicast traffic is NOT flooded to all sites? 

A. Configure static GRE tunnels and run the MPLS and multicast VPN inside these GRE tunnels. 

B. Use Label Switched Multicast for the multicast transport. 

C. Use PIM-SSM as the multicast routing protocol with IETF Rosen Draft multicast VPN. 

D. Configure a static mapping between multicast addresses and MAC addresses. 

E. Use GET VPN to encrypt the multicast packets inside the WAN. 

Answer: A 

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