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Q41. The Service Provider you work for wants to deploy CoS functionality on the P routers of the MPLS core, to provide a complete CoS solution to all customers that purchase services such as dedicated Internet access, MPLS Layer 3 VPN, and Layer 2 VPN (pseudowire). The design requirements are: 

. The network supports four service queues with equal treatment for delay, jitter, 

and packet loss. 

. Queues are numbered 0–3, where 0 is the default queue. 

. Three queues have one treatment, whereas the other queue has either one or two 


. The Service Provider manages control traffic, whereas the customers manage 

business critical and best effort. 

Which two statements could you recommend to allow for the appropriate level of bandwidth allocation? (Choose two.) 

A. Control plane 10%, Real Time 30%, Business Critical 40%, Best Effort 20% 

B. Control plane 80%. Real Time 10%, Business Critical 5%, Best Effort 5% 

C. Control plane 90%, Real Time 5%, Business Critical 5%, Best Effort 0% 

D. Control plane 20%, Real Time 40%, Business Critical 30%, Best Effort 10% 

Answer: AD 

Q42. Refer to the exhibit. 

In the DWDM network, a ring topology carries multiple services between two sites. Which option describes the employed protection design? 

A. Y-cable protection 

B. Splitter protection 

C. Client protection 


E. FEC protection 

Answer: C 

Q43. Refer to the exhibit. 

In this design, which technology would provide for the best use of resources to provide end-to-end Layer 2 connectivity? 


B. PAgP 

C. Multichassis EtherChannel 


Answer: C 

Q44. You are hired to design a solution that will improve network availability for users on a campus network with routed access. If the budget limits you to three components, which three components would you recommend in your design proposal? (Choose three.) 

A. redundant power supplies in the access routers 

B. standby route processors for SSO in the core routers 

C. standby route processors for SSO in the distribution routers 

D. standby route processors for SSO in the access routers 

E. replace copper links between devices with fiber links 

Answer: ADE 

Q45. Acme Corporation indicates that their network design must support the ability to scale to support a high number of remote sites. Which IGP is considered to scale better for a hub-and-spoke topology? 





Answer: D 

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Q46. You are the SAN designer for the ABC Company. Due to budget constraints, there is increased pressure by management to further optimize server utilization by implementing virtualization technologies on all servers and increase virtual machines density. Faced with some SAN challenges, the server team requests your help in the design and implementation of the SAN in the new virtualized environment. 

In which two ways can NPIV be used in your proposed design? (Choose two.) 

A. NPIV is used to assign multiple FCIDs to a single N Port. 

B. NPIV is used to define and bind multiple virtual WWNs (VIs) to a single physical pWWN. 

C. You recommend NPIV so that hosts can be members of different zones. 

D. NPIV can be used to allow multiple applications on the same port to use different IDs in the same VSAN. 

Answer: AD 

Q47. You are the lead network designer for an enterprise company called ABC, and you are leading design discussions regarding IPv6 implementation into their existing network. A question is raised regarding older Layer 2 switches that exist in the network, and if any changes are required to these Layer 2 switches for successful IPv6 implementation. Which two responses should you give? (Choose two.) 

A. IPv6 is transparent on Layer 2 switches, so there is no need to make any changes to the Layer 2 switches. 

B. If IPv6 anycast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support ICMPv6 snooping at Layer 2 switches. 

C. If IPv6 anycast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support DHCPv6 snooping at Layer 2 switches. 

D. If IPv6 multicast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support MLD snooping at Layer 2 switches. 

E. If IPv6 anycast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support ND snooping at Layer 2 switches. 

Answer: AD 

Q48. You are designing a Group Encrypted Transport virtual private network solution for an existing branch network. The existing network has the following characteristics: 

. 50 remote sites (with an additional 30 remote sites expected over the next 3 years) . Connectivity between all sites is via Multiprotocol Label Switching Layer 3 virtual private network service from a single provider . Open Shortest Path First is the routing protocol used between provider edge and customer edge routers . The customer edge routers will become group members performing the encryption between sites 

Which additional routing protocol would you use for the overlay routing between the group members? 

A. Open Shortest Path First (with a different process ID) 

B. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol 

C. No additional protocol is necessary. 

D. External Border Gateway Protocol 

E. Routing Information Protocol Version 2 

F. Next Hop Resolution Protocol 

Answer: C 

Q49. There is an MPLS-enabled link constantly flapping on an MPLS VPN network. Given that the network runs OSPF as the IGP protocol, which design mechanism will stabilize the network and avoid constant reconvergences? 


B. IP Event Dampening 

C. OSPF fast hellos 

D. partial SPF 

Answer: B 

Q50. Which option is a benefit of using N-Port Virtualization? 

A. reduces the amount of domain IDs that are used in the fabric 

B. does not need to create zoning 

C. reduces latency when using local switching on Fibre Channel ports 

D. allows trunking to the upstream switch 

E. does not need to configure the upstream switches 

Answer: A 

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