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2021 Aug 1Z0-470 actual test

Q11. Your customer tells you that in their industry, the response document for an auction is called a 'Proposal' instead of the default Fusion term 'Bid', and that they would like to have all their negotiation documents reflect this terminology. What would you do to meet this requirement? 

A. Create a Negotiation Template. 

B. Create a Purchasing Document Style. 

C. Create a Negotiation Style. 

D. Create a Negotiation Type. 

E. Customize the Descriptive Flexfield. 

Answer: A,D 

Q12. Select two document sequencing setups that are performed in the "Configure Requisitioning Business Function" task. 

A. Next Agreement Number 

B. Next Requisition Number 

C. Next Negotiation Number 

D. Next Purchase Order Number 

E. Next Receipt Number 

Answer: B,D 


e Procurement Application Administrator has access to the Configure Requisition Business Function page for setting up a business unit that has a requisitioning business function associated with it. The attributes specified here are used to default values and behavior of the application when users are creating requisitions and purchase orders for the requisitioning BU. 

Reference: N3FFA8.htm 

Q13. Identify four actions that the Manage Requisition Approval task enables you to perform. 

A. enable or disable a participant 

B. define rule actions by using Supervisory Hierarchy or Position Hierarchy 

C. create rules by using simple or nested conditions 

D. register an internal and external Supplier 

E. maintain user-defined attributes and use these attributes with rules 

Answer: A,B,C,E 

Explanation: The new Manage Requisition Approval task provides a simple and user-friendly interface for approval rules management. This task allows you to: 

. Enable or disable a participant. 

. Create rules using simple or nested conditions. Condition attributes displayed in this interface are consistent with the attribute names displayed in the application. Attribute values can be chosen from a List of Values or a Choicelist, when applicable. 

. Define rule actions that: 

o Use Supervisory Hierarchy, Job Level, Position Hierarchy, Approval Group, Single User, or Custom routings. 

o Require approvals, automatically approve, or send information notifications. 

. Mark a rule active or inactive. 

. Maintain user-defined attributes and use these attributes across rules. 

o Currency based attributes are used to setup conversions of amount or price type attributes to a specific currency used in rule evaluations. 

o Custom attributes are used to achieve complex approval requirements and custom approval lists and map to the Procurement Custom Function output. 

o Summation attributes support the aggregation of data across lines or distributions based on a set of filters. The filters can be set up using requisition attributes or based on roll-ups in the Procurement Category Hierarchy, Cost Center, Balancing Segment, Management Segment, or Natural Account hierarchies 

Reference: =0CBsQFjAAahUKEwiq9L2B9uzGAhUJ6xQKHarXAm8&url=https%3A%2F%2Fcloud.oracl R8_Procurement_RCD.pdf&ei=nJiuVaq2NInWU6qvi_gG&usg=AFQjCNGnaBrRDAwgLrgB 


Q14. Identify two activities that a Buying Organization will be able to perform after it provides the Supplier Portal access to Suppliers. 

A. Evaluate prospective suppliers by routing their registrations through a collaborative review process by using a flexible rules engine. 

B. Collect information about prospective suppliers through a self-guided registration flow. 

C. Consolidate suppliers and supplier sites to clean up duplicate suppliers or support supplier acquisitions. 

D. Import supplier data and related entities. 

E. Create Negotiation flow internally on behalf of prospective suppliers. 

Answer: A,B 

Q15. Identify two profile options that are required to configure Punchout Catalogs in Self Service Procurement. 






Answer: C,E 

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Q16. Identify the Procurement configuration task that has cross product integration with Supply Chain Management. 

A. Define Basic Catalog 

B. Define Supplier Configuration 

C. Manage Procurement Agents 

D. Define Corporate Procurement Cards 

E. Define Negotiation Style 

Answer: D 

Q17. In which Functional setup Manager task is Next Purchase Order Number set up? 

A. Manage Common Options for Payables 

B. Configure Procurement Business Function 

C. Define a sequence for auto numbering and assign it back in Configure BU numbering setup 

D. Configure Requisitioning Business Function 

Answer: D 

Q18. While creating a Contract Purchase Agreement, a buyer tries to add a Contract Template to it but the List of Values (LOV) is empty. 

Identify three applicable reasons for this issue. 

A. The Contract Template is in 'Approved' status. 

B. The document type associated with the Contract Template is 'Purchase Order'. 

C. The document type associated with the Contract Template is 'Contract Purchase Agreement'. 

D. The Contract Template is not'Approved'. 

E. The document type associated with the Contract Template is 'Blanket Purchase Agreement'. 

Answer: A,B,C 


Q19. Your customer organization is headquartered in Toronto, and has three manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Taiwan and Austria. The raw material requirements for these three manufacturing units are consolidated and procured from Mexico through the Mexico procurement division. Identify an appropriate way to model this scenario in Fusion Procurement? 

A. Requisitioning BU: Mexico, Taiwan, Austria and Procurement BU: Toronto 

B. Requisitioning BU: Toronto, Taiwan, Austria and Procurement BU: Mexico 

C. Requisitioning BU: Toronto and Procurement BU: Mexico 

D. Requisitioning BU: Toronto and Procurement BU: Toronto 

E. Requisitioning BU: Mexico, Taiwan, Austria and Procurement BU: Mexico 

Answer: E 

Q20. A customer's procurement manager has the authority to approve office supply Purchase Orders up to $6,600.00. For all other types of Purchase Orders, there is no approval hierarchy. 

The customer is located in Kandy and the purchasing category for office supplies is Office Supplies. The COA format is: Company.BusinessUnit.CostCenter.Account. The future and segment values are 01 for the company, 220 for the Business Unit, 339 for the cost center, 67887 for the account, and the future is always 000000. 

Identify the approval group setup that would enable this purchasing practice. 

A. Document Total: Amount Limit = $6,600.00 Location: Amount Limit = $6,600 and Location= Kandy Category Range: Amount Limit = $10,000 Category Range: From: X.Supplies To: Office.Supplies 

B. Document Total: Amount Limit = $0.00 Account Range: Amount Limit = $6,600 AccountRange:From: 01.220.339.67887.000000 To: 01.220.339.67887.000000 Category Range: Amount Limit = $6,600 Category Range: From:Office.Supplies To: Office.Supplies 

C. Document Total: Amount Limit = $0.00 Account Range: Amount Limit = $6,600 Account Range: From: 01.220.339.67887.000000 To: 01.220.339.67887.000000 Category Range: Amount Limit = $6,600 Category Range: From: Office.Supplies To: Office.Supplies Requisition Document Type setup = 'Owner can Approve' 

D. Document Total: Amount Limit = $0.00 AccountRange: Amount Limit = $6,600 Account Range: From: 01.220.339.00000.000000 To: 01.220.339.99999.000000 Location: Amount Limit = $5,000 and Location = Kandy 

E. Set the Document Total object to include an amount limit of $5,000.00. 

Answer: C 

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