Aug 2021 updated: Ucertify Avaya 3605 exam question 61-70

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2021 Aug 3605 test engine

Q61. A technician wants to control the routes being added to the routing table from the BGP routing table. Which statement describes how to do this? 

A. BGP accept filters are applied to all routes from received by BGP peers. 

B. BGP accept filters are applied only to external route information. 

C. BGP accept filters are applied to all incoming and outgoing ports. 

D. BGP adds all new priority routes to the routing table. 

Answer: A 

Q62. A campus network has been established with four Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 switches in a switch cluster, two pairs with an Inter Switch Trunks (1ST) running Split Multi-Link Trunk (SMLT) and Routed Split Multi-Link Trunking (RSMLT). The traffic filters are required to block specific source IP addresses to be forwarded through the core. How should these filters be set up? 

A. Configure the filters on the 1ST first before any other ports. 

B. Apply the filters to all ports that receive traffic from outside the immediate switch cluster. 

C. Configure the filters on the ports first and then the 1ST. 

D. Apply the filters to the edge switches and never on the switch cluster ERS 8600 switches. 

Answer: D 

Q63. Which feature should be configured to limit which ports receive multicast streams? 

A. igmp proxy 

B. igmp pruning 

C. igmp snooping 

D. PIM-SM snooping 

Answer: C 

Q64. Which two pairs of commands will configure spanning tree on the edge switch? (Choose two) 

A. 5520-24T (config) # interface fastethernet 25-26 5520-24T (corrfig-if) # spanning-tree learning fast 

B. 5520-24T (config) # interface fastethernet 25-26 5520-24T (config-if) # spanning tree learning disable 

C. 5520-24T (config) # interface fastethernet 1-20 5520-24T (config-if) # spanning tree learning disable 

D. 5520-24T (config) # interface fastethernet 1-20 5520-24T (config-if) # spanning-tree learning fast 

Answer: AC 

Q65. After experiencing issues with XFPs, the show sys pluggable-optical-modules info CLI commands is used to find that the switch not recognize the XFPs. Which other method can be used to view the XFP compatibility? 

A. Check for port alarms 

B. Show DWDM-XFP {default}. 

C. Usethemonitorsystech info command to monitorforany changesin compatibility. 

D. Use enterprise Device Manager and select the Edit, Port, General tab from the navigation pane to display any XFP compatibility issues. 

Answer: D 

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Updated 3605 free exam questions:

Q66. A call centre is using the stacks of Ethernet Routing Switches (ERS) 5520-48T- PWR to supply power over Ethernet (PoE) to their IP telephones. Each switch is attached to 48 telephones. The call centre begins operation at 9:00 am each day and they verify that theswitch can supplyenough power to support each telephone drawing their maximum power for all switches simultaneously. They are using the IP Phone port 10/100 switch. Which statement it is true if all telephones are drawing 13.2 watts simultaneously? 

A. Each switch of supplying full port to all ports with only the AC input 

B. Each switch requires an RPSU 15 in addition to AC to supply full power to all ports. 

C. RPSU 15 can support four ERS 5520 switches that supply full power to all ports. 

D. Each switch can supply full power to all ports while the AC is unavailable if attached to 

Answer: B 

Q67. Syslog in the Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 allows the mapping of ERS 8600 errors to be Specified to the facility Local 0 – Local 7. What is another piece of information that syslog provides? 

A. severity level 

B. message frequency 

C. syslog table location 

D. system status 

Answer: A 

Q68. When configuring link aggregation, a technician created a Distributed Multi-Link Trunk (DMLT) group on the Edge switch to the switch cluster core. What gets distributed? 

A. Access ports 

B. Discard Looped Frames 

C. Spanning Tree Enable 

D. LACP Enable 

Answer: A 

Q69. Which command mode contains the commands needed to work on software licenses? 

A. User Exec 

B. Privileged Exec 

C. Global Configuration 

D. Software Configuration 

Answer: A 

Q70. For a Converged campus network, which configuration changes is recommended for the default VLAN (VLAN 1) 

A. Assign an IP address to the default VLAN for switch management. 

B. Remove all port members from default VLAN 1. 

C. Configure QoS on the default VLAN to support voice traffic. 

D. Remove spanning tree from the default VLAN. 

Answer: A 

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