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2021 Aug comptia jk0-017:

Q161. Which of the following describes the LOWEST level of a work breakdown structure (WBS)? 

A. Technical specifications 

B. Project performance reports 

C. Work packages 

D. Functional specifications 

Answer: C 

Q162. Which of the following is the main objective for a work breakdown structure (WBS)? 

A. To develop a proven methodology that will assist the project manager with the delegation of authority. 

B. To decompose the project down into manageable parts. 

C. To develop the estimating and detailed scheme of the project. 

D. To build on individual development, independent of the team efforts. 

Answer: B 

Q163. In regards to proper change management procedures, which of the following would be the FINAL activity? 

A. Coordinate with the appropriate stakeholders to determine course of action. 

B. Document the change using the appropriate change control forms. 

C. Perform impact analysis with project team members. 

D. Update the project plan components based on the approved change request. 

Answer: D 

Q164. Which of the following is created as part of the closing phase? 

A. Quality baseline 

B. Cost review 

C. Activity estimation 

D. Feasibility analysis 

Answer: B 

Q165. A new project manager has been assigned to a high profile project. In order to determine project status, which of the following should the project manager do? (Select Two). 

A. Ask the key stakeholders for the project status. 

B. Leave a voicemail message to key personnel requesting the project status. 

C. Schedule a meeting with the team members to determine the project status. 

D. Send an email to the team members to request project status reports. 

E. Schedule a meeting with the project sponsor to determine the project status. 

Answer: C,D 

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Up to the minute jk0-017:

Q166. In order to obtain the best pricing and product quality, a project manager should: 

A. obtain an RFP from one vendor who can provide the products. 

B. obtain an RFP from the vendor who provides the lowest priced products. 

C. obtain responses from different vendors to compare the products. 

D. use past vendors who have provided all project deliverables. 

Answer: C 

Q167. Which of the following is a component of a project charter? 

A. Responsibility assignment matrix 

B. Risk register 

C. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 

D. Problem statement 

Answer: D 

Q168. A project manager decides to manage the threat of a particular risk through the purchase of an insurance policy. Which of the following risk response strategies is being applied? 

A. Avoidance 

B. Transfer 

C. Acceptance 

D. Mitigation 

Answer: B 

Q169. Crashing a schedule involves which of the following? 

A. Performing a re-baseline of the project schedule 

B. Performing critical path activities simultaneously 

C. Adding resources to critical path activities 

D. Estimating the earned value of the project activities 

Answer: C 

Q170. Three of the team members are having a conflict with each other. Which of the following steps 

should the project manager take to minimize the conflict? 

A. Resolve the conflict by terminating the team members. 

B. Ignore the conflict and keep working on the project. 

C. Encourage the team members to resolve the conflict. 

D. Ask the project sponsor to resolve the conflict. 

Answer: C 

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