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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 16 - Question 22)

Q16. Refer to the exhibit.

A n engineer is working with globalization and has these requirements,

- The ANl to be presented in the E.164 format to the phone on Cisco unified Communications manager

- Allow redialling from the call history without manually manipulating the digit string

Which three configuration steps in Cisco unified Communications manager are needed to meet this

requirement? (Choose three).

A. set the prefix digits with 0 and calling number type subscriber

B. set the calling party transformation pattern with \\+4940. And discard digits PreAt

C. set the calling party transformation pattern with \\+4940. And discard digits PreDot

D. set the subscriber number prefix with +4940

E. set the prefix digits with 0 and calling number type national

F. set the national number prefix with +4940

Answer: ACD

Q17. A Cisco Unified CM cluster is being set up for call control discover using the service advertising framework. An engineer discovers that patterns are not being learned by the cluster. Which two items must be checked in an attempt to resolve the issue? (Choose two)

A. The CCD block patterns are not preventing remote patterns from being entered into the local cache.

B. The hostedDN group on the cluster matches the patterns that should be learned.

C. The CCD advertising service is activated in Cisco unified CM serviceability.

D. A CCD route partition has been assigned for learned patterns.

E. The CCD requesting service is activated in Cisco unified CM serviceability.

F. The Sip trunk is enabled for call control discover.

Answer: AF

Explanation: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/8_0_2/ccmfeat/fsgd-802- cm/fscallcontroldiscovery.html

After you configure call control discovery, you may block learned patterns that remote call-control entities send to the local Cisco Unified Communications Manager. (Call Routing > Call Control Discovery > Blocked Learned Patterns

Ensure that the CCD block patterns are not preventing remote patterns from being entered into the local cache.

The local Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster uses SAF-enabled trunks that are assigned to the CCD requesting service to route outbound calls to remote call-control entities that use the SAF network.

The Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster advertises the SAF-enabled trunks that are assigned to the CCD advertising service along with the range of hosted DNs; therefore, when a user from a remote call-control entity makes an inbound call to a learned pattern on this Cisco Unified Communications Manager, this Cisco Unified Communications Manager receives the inbound call from this SAF-enabled trunk and routes the call to the correct DN.

Ensure that the Sip trunk is enabled for call control discover.

Q18. Assume 18 bytes for the Layer 2 header and a 10- millisecond voice payload, how much bandwidth should be allocated to strict priority queue for three VolP calls that use a G 722 codec over an Ethernet network?

A. 331.2 kb/s

B. 261.6 kb/s

C. 238.4 kb/s

D. 347.8 kb/s

E. 274.7 kb/s

Answer: A

Q19. Refer to the exhibit.

Which three facts can be determined about the audio parameters of this call from this session description protocol? (Choose Three)

A. The DTMF relay will be RFC2833

B. The codec will be G711

C. The codec will be G729

D. VAD will be disabled for this call

E. VAD will be enabled for this call

F. The call will be a T38 fax call

Answer: ACD

Q20. Refer to Exhibit:

A cisco Unified CM engineer configured a phone VPN for remote users but the users cannot register the phones to the VPN. Which configuration change fixes this problem?

A. Configure enable outside in the webVPN configuration on the Cisco ASA

B. Configure the split-tunnel-policy tunnel all attribute on the Cisco ASA

C. Configure the ssl trust-point SSL outside on the Cisco ASA

D. Remove the Cisco ASA lP address from the VPN load-balancing configuration

Answer: D

Q21. Which three basic elements does the architecture for voice and video over WLAN include? (Choose three.)

A. Wireless LAN controllers.

B. Wireless access points.

C. Wireless bridge

D. Wireless VLAN

E. Wired call elements

F. DHCP server

Answer: ABD

Q22. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer is configuring CAR costing for call. When the customer runs the costing reports calls are not being tagged correctly. Which two changes allow proper costing to be determined for these calls? (Choose two)

A. The toll free area code field must be updated to include all toll free area codes

B. A new local pattern must be added with the pattern "k "

C. A new pattern must be added for the 914 and 625 area codecs

D. The items are out of order and must be sorted with the most specific at the top

E. Overlapping area codec on the trunks must be removed

F. All external patterns must be change to include the outside access code

Answer: AB


Choose System > System Parameters > Dial Plan Configuration.

The Dial Plan Configuration window displays.

ln the Toll Free Numbers field, enter the numbers in your dial plan that can be placed without a charge.

lf the number of digits dialed equals 10 and the pattern is K (more than one digit, in this case a 10-digit number that starts with a trunk code),

the call gets classified as Local.


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