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What aspect of Cisco UCS servers enables multi-tenancy and provides an administrative hierarchy to organize resources?

  • A. Resource pools
  • B. Organizations
  • C. Service profile templates
  • D. Service profiles

Answer: B

Which additional three traffic egress controls may be enabled in Cisco UCS Manager depending upon the network adapter selected? (Choose three.)

  • A. Rate
  • B. Best Effort
  • C. Host Control
  • D. Peak
  • E. Burst
  • F. Smooth

Answer: BCE

ACME technologies is deploying a large number of similar UCS blade servers and want to be able to change servers policies at a later time on all blades. What type of the Cisco UCS design is recommended?

  • A. Initial template based service profiles
  • B. Updating template based service profile
  • C. Updating non-template based service profiles
  • D. Initial non-template based service profiles

Answer: B

What is a Universally Unique Identifier in the context of Cisco Unified Computing System?

  • A. A unique identifier used to identify an object or entity on the internet.
  • B. A unique identifier used in server profiles enabling server mobility.
  • C. A unique identifier used in application profiles enabling server mobility.
  • D. A unique identifier used in service profiles enabling server mobility.

Answer: D

You disassociated a Database Server Service Profile from your existing UCS C240 M4. Then, you associate a Web Server Service Profile to this UCS C240M4. The Database Server Service Profile contained a Scrub Policy enabled for Disk Scrub. The Web Server Service Profile contains a Scrub Policy disabled for Disk Scrub. What will happen after the reboot?

  • A. The process will fail because the Service Profiles are fundamentally different
  • B. The process will succeed, and server disk content will be preserved
  • C. The process will fail because of the differences in the Scrub Policies
  • D. The process will succeed, but server disk content will be lost

Answer: C

An administrator needs to configure NPV between an edge fabric switch which will support application servers, and an upstream core switch. A Fiber Channel (FC) link exist between the two switchers. What two statements are true about roles on the edge fabric switch? (Choose two.)

  • A. The port that connects to the core switch will be an NP port.
  • B. The ports that connect to the servers will be F ports.
  • C. The port that connects the switches is a TE port.
  • D. The port that connects to the core switch will be an FP port
  • E. The ports that connect to the servers will be N ports.

Answer: AB

How many QoS classes are available to administrators on Cisco’s UCS server?

  • A. 6
  • B. 4
  • C. 2
  • D. 8

Answer: A

Which primary functions are provided by VSANs?

  • A. Independent fabric services per VSAN and zoning
  • B. Software-based isolation of traffic and independent fabric services per VSAN
  • C. Hardware-based isolation of traffic and independent fabric services per VSAN
  • D. Specific driver configuration and FSPF routing

Answer: A

Depending on the tab context in a Cisco UCS Manager, what three objects are contained in an Organization? (Choose three.)

  • A. Identity Pools
  • B. Roles
  • C. Privileges
  • D. Policies
  • E. Service Profiles
  • F. Locales

Answer: ADE

Cisco recommended to help customer’s provision physical, virtual, and multivendor data center infrastructure environments from a single pane?

  • A. Cisco UCS Director
  • B. Cisco UCS Performance Manager
  • C. Cisco UCS Manager
  • D. Cisco UCS Central

Answer: C

An administrator is setting up a new VSAN and needs to use IVR to allow access to backup tape storage targets located in a different VSAN. There is an existing Nexus 5K switch in the SAN fabric that the admin would like to use; however, the switch is not IVR-enabled. How can the Cisco Nexus switch be used?

  • A. It cannot be used, since only MDS Switches implement IVR.
  • B. As a Transit switch.
  • C. As a Border switch or IVR NAT gateway.
  • D. As an Edge switch.

Answer: D

Where can World Wide Node Name be defined?

  • A. In neither vHBA template nor SAN connectivity policy
  • B. In vHBA template only
  • C. In SAN connectivity policy only
  • D. In both, vHBA template or SAN connectivity policy

Answer: B


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