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2021 Aug testking 642-742:

Q11. When designing the coverage area for high call capacity, what two actions should you take with data rates and channels? (Choose two.) 

A. Avoid channels with high AP co-channel interference. 

B. Use channels with high AP co-channel interference to avoid channel roaming. 

C. Set the 2.4-GHz data rate of 5.5 Mb/s to required. 

D. Use 5-GHz channels when possible. 

E. Use 2.4-GHz channels when possible. 

Answer: AD 

Q12. You are deploying a combination of Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones 7921G and 7925G at your branch offices in a centralized call processing environment that requires high availability at branch locations. Which three components need to be verified before the wireless IP phones can be deployed? (Choose three.) 

A. Sufficient SRST license support at each branch location 

B. Support for local voice mail 

C. Branch gateways support MoH 

D. Properly configured QoS over the IP WAN links 

E. Support for single number reach 

F. Support for E.164 dialing 

G. Sufficient IP phone licenses in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster 

Answer: ADG 

Q13. A web browser is opened to a new Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G or 7925G connected to a windows computer via USB. Which statement describes the ability to read and write configuration parameters to prime the phone for its first VoWLAN association and its association to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. Phones are always read-only. 

B. Phones are read-only and require user to be authenticated as administrator for write access. 

C. Phone read/write access depends on the firmware version. 

D. Phone depends on Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration. 

Answer: C 

Q14. Which of these statements best describes Cisco Centralized Key Management? 

A. It allows wireless clients to cache their credentials so that, while they are roaming, they do not need to reauthenticate to the wireless infrastructure. 

B. It allows the wireless infrastructure to cache the credentials, thus eliminating the need to conduct a full reauthentication when roaming. 

C. It enables the controller to send directed roam requests to a client in situations when the controller can better service the client on a different AP than the one to which the client is associated. 

D. By caching their credentials, it helps clients save scanning time when looking for a new AP to join. 

Answer: B 

Q15. A downstream packet containing a DSCP value arrives at the WLC Ethernet interface from the wired source network. The WLC is configured for QoS WLAN 802.1p mapping. How does the WLC treat the CAPWAP QoS marking when leaving the controller interface for the respective AP and final wireless client destination? 

A. No outer CAPWAP or inner QoS tagging is applied. 

B. No outer CAPWAP QoS tag is applied, but the original DSCP is maintained inside CAPWAP. 

C. The outer CAPWAP CoS is marked and capped while the inner DSCP maintains the original marking. 

D. The outer CAPWAP DHCP is marked and capped without any inner DSCP value. 

Answer: C 

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Q16. Using proper VoWLAN design practice, what would be a reasonable total number of calls for a properly designed 802.11a cell to ensure call quality? 

A. 4 

B. 7 

C. 14 

D. 20 

E. 25 

F. 27 

Answer: D 

Q17. Which two Cisco components are required to extend an existing VoWLAN to dual-mode wireless phones? (Choose two.) 

A. An LDAP server for the WLAN 

B. Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator 

C. Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage client 

D. Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage 

E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

F. A RADIUS server for the WLAN 

Answer: BD 

Q18. The AP has been properly configured for a VoWLAN survey. The RF environment contains a noise of -87 to -90 dBm. What would be the target value for the cell edge reading? 

A. -55 dBm 

B. -60 dBm 

C. -62 dBm 

D. -67 dBm 

E. -70 dBm 

F. -73 dBm 

Answer: C 

Q19. Which attribute does the VoWLAN Readiness Tool of WCS v7.0 use to predict acceptable conditions? 






Answer: B 

Q20. Which DHCP option is used by Vocera badges to reach a Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. Set the option to 66. 

B. Set the option to 43. 

C. Set the option to 150. 

D. No option is required. 

Answer: D 

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