[May 2021] cisco data center networking sales specialist (646-985)

Exam Code: 646-985 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Data Center Networking Solution Sales
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2021 May 646-985 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. What are two software-based attacks that disable individual workstations and typically spread from user to user by e-mail? (Choose two.)

A. Virus

B. Worm

C. Trojan

D. Executable

Answer: AB

Q32. Your customer needs to be able to recover very quickly if there is a major disruptive event. The first phase in reaching this goal is to consider using the SAN to ensure that the customer's stored data is as up to date and as safe as possible. How can Cisco help? Select the best response.

A. recommend using the built-in Continuous Data Protection capability of the Cisco Storage Services Module

B. recommend that the customer consider using the Cisco SANTap to facilitate a Continuous Data Protection solution

C. recommend using the Cisco Network Assisted Storage Backup to ensure that the customer has a full tape backup of all data

D. recommend using the Cisco Data Mobility Manager capability of the Cisco Storage Services Module to enable an instantaneous copy of all data from the primary disks to secondary disks

Answer: B

Q33. Which feature allows Cisco storage networking solutions to operate with Brocade and legacy McData switches? Select the best response.

A. Line card expansion modules may have Fibre Channel ports, 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, or a combination of both to accommodate switches from other vendors.

B. Because Fibre Channel is based on a set of open standards, Cisco solutions are fully compatible with other Fibre Channel devices.

C. Interoperability modes allow VSANs to be propagated from the Cisco MDS to other Fibre Channel devices.

D. Cisco storage networking devices can run either the Cisco MDS SAN-OS or Cisco NX-OS operating system to match the operating systems that are running on devices from other vendors.

Answer: C

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Q34. Which feature does Cisco offer that Brocade currently does not? Select the best response.

A. support for FCoE and DCE

B. N_Port Virtualizer

C. consolidation of isolated SANs

D. inherited technologies from McData and InRange

Answer: B

Q35. Which statement describes a benefit of the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) approach in the data center? Select the best response.

A. It offers multiple points of management.

B. It provides a single fabric for devices that use 10 Gigabit Ethernet, devices that use Fibre Channel, and legacy devices.

C. It ensures the highest possible server efficiency by dedicating hardware to specific applications.

D. It provides more security throughout the data layer.

Answer: B

Q36. What are three key differentiators that set Cisco Unified Computing Systems apart from competitors like HP and Dell? (Choose three.)

A. professional service offerings

B. financing options

C. virtualization optimization

D. service profile portability

E. technical support and warranty

F. breadth of computing portfolio

G. memory expansion capacity

H. partner ecosystem

Answer: CDG

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Q37. A company is looking to go with an end-to-end virtualization approach that will help them reduce capital investment and operational savings. What can help your customer achieve this? Select the best response.

A. Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches

B. Cisco Catalyst switches

C. Cisco Unified Computing Systems

D. Cisco MDS family

Answer: C

Q38. Which statement is likely to be true about the role of a customer's chief security officer? Select the best response.

A. The chief security officer has a technology focus.

B. The chief security officer works closely with the chief technology officer to make technology decisions about which products to use for data center security.

C. The chief security officer might have significant influence on the operation of the data center without necessarily having any understanding of the technology deployed in the data center.

D. The chief security officer has an understanding of techniques and technologies such as RBAC, SSL, IDS, and firewalls but leaves the product selection decisions to the data center manager.

Answer: C

Q39. When explaining the advantage of choosing a Cisco solution instead of Brocade, what might be a good fact to mention? Select the best response.

A. Cisco is the only provider of embedded services in the market today.

B. Cisco uses partners such as HP and VMware for a full solution, providing a one-stop shop for all data center needs.

C. Cisco has the advantage of a highly scalable MDS architecture, while the architecture of Brocade has changed little since first-generation devices.

D. Brocade has no experience deploying Ethernet solutions.

Answer: C

Q40. Where would you find a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch in the data center architecture? Select the best response.

A. at the access layer

B. at the aggregation layer

C. at the access layer or the core layer

D. at the core layer or the aggregation layer

Answer: D

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