vcp5-dcv exam cost : May 2021 Edition

Exam Code: VCP5-DCV (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV) Exam
Certification Provider: VMware
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2021 May VCP5-DCV Study Guide Questions:

Q151. An administrator attempts to increase the number of vCPUs in a virtual machine to 8. The configuration cannot be successfully completed. 

What are two likely causes of this issue? (Choose two.) 

A. MS-DOS was selected as guest OS. 

B. The host has 4 processor threads. 

C. Virtual machine hardware version 7 was chosen. 

D. The vSphere 5.x implementation is using a Standard license. 

Answer: AB 

Q152. What options must be configured in the vCenter Server settings before email alerts can be sent? 

(Choose two.) 

A. Sender email address 

B. SNMP address information 

C. SMTP server information 

D. Email authentication information 

Answer: AC

Q153. An administrator has created a virtual machine that will be accessed from a public kiosk. 

Management has requested that the virtual machine be reset to a known state once a week or on demand if requested. 

Which method is the simplest way to meet this requirement? 

A. Configure the storage array to be vSphere aware and script routine array snapshot restores of the datastore. 

B. Implement a 3rd party imaging server and PXE boot the virtual machine off a static image. 

C. Set the VMDKs of the virtual machine to be Independent-Nonpersistent and schedule restarts of the virtual machine. 

D. Create Nonpersistent disks for the virtual machine and set the guest OS to reboot once a week. 

Answer: C 

VCP5-DCV  test questions

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Q154. An administrator plans to deploy ESXi 5.x, but does not want to use CD or DVD media. 

What are two alternate ways to provide the ESXi 5.x installation script to the host? (Choose two.) 





Answer: BC 

Q155. An administrator is deploying several ESXi 5.x hosts. Centralized logging with accurate timestamps is a requirement for the deployment. Which two operations ensure these requirements are met? (Choose two.) 

A. Ensure TCP port 123 is not blocked 

B. Configure a syslog server on each host 

C. Configure ensure the hosts have the proper timezone configured 

D. Configure a syslog server on the vSphere Management Appliance 

Answer: AD 

Q156. An administrator is working to update the hosts and virtual machines in a vSphere 5.x deployment using Update Manager Baselines. 

Other than host patches, which three items require a separate procedure or process to update? (Choose three.) 

A. Operating system patches 

B. Virtual Appliance updates 

C. Virtual Machine Virtual Hardware upgrades 

D. VMware Tools on machines without VMware Tools already installed 

E. Application patches within the virtual machine 

Answer: ADE 

VCP5-DCV  test questions

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Q157. What are two valid use cases for vCenter Server Linked Mode? (Choose two.) 

A. An administrator wants to migrate running virtual machines between vCenter Server instances. 

B. An administrator wants to increase the vRAM entitlement pool. 

C. An administrator wants to manage a virtual server environment and a View environment from the same pane of glass. 

D. An administrator wants to search all inventory objects across multiple vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) instances from one vSphere Client 

Answer: BC 

Q158. What are three valid objects to place in a vApp? (Choose three.) 

A. Folders 

B. Hosts 

C. Resource pools 

D. vApps 

E. Virtual machines 

Answer: CDE 

Q159. When an explicit failover order has been configured on a virtual switch with multiple uplinks, what determines which uplink is used when a failover event occurs? 

A. The first available uplink that reports a positive link state 

B. The reported uptime for the surviving uplinks 

C. The next available uplink on the list 

D. The uplink with the shortest route 

Answer: C 

Q160. What are two prerequisites for installing the vCenter Server application? (Choose two.) 

A. The system vCenter Server is installed on must be a physical machine. 

B. A valid vSphere vCenter license must be obtained before installation. 

C. vCenter must be in the same network as the hosts if supporting vSphere Storage Appliance Cluster. 

D. The system vCenter Server is installed on cannot be a domain controller. 

Answer: CD 

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