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2021 Jul testking 648-375:

Q41. What mode is required on a Cisco Nexus 7000 32-port 10-GB module port group to allow equal access to the 10-GB port controller? 

A. Community 

B. Shared 

C. Dedicated 

D. Assigned 

Answer: B

Q42. Which three of the following statements are true regarding the design of a technical solution? (Choose three.) 

A. CVDs provide proven design of solutions that include only Cisco products, which ensures single-vendor solutions. 

B. The technical solution has to be based on the previously defined architecture. 

C. Examples of low-level design tools are the Cisco Power Calculator, the Cisco Rack Space Calculator, and the Cisco DSP Calculator. 

D. Numerous CVDs are available that provide all the information needed for a successful deployment. 

E. The SBA toolkit includes foundation design guides that focus on concepts as well as foundation design guides that show detailed configurations. 

Answer: BDE

Q43. The Cisco SecureX Architecture is built on which three foundational principles? (Choose three.) 

A. Virtual office management 

B. Context-aware policy 

C. Network and global intelligence 

D. Network management 

E. Context-aware security enforcement 

F. Content access control 

Answer: BCE

Q44. Which two security features are part of the Cisco Catalyst Integrated Security Toolkit on Cisco Catalyst switches? (Choose two.) 

A. IP source guard 

B. secure service provider connectivity 

C. network module security 

D. secure DNS 

E. secure MPLS 

F. port security 

Answer: AF

Q45. Which three are main drivers for changing operations? (Choose three.) 

A. change of market trends 

B. change of competition 

C. change of application software version 

D. change of relative strengths 

E. migration to Cisco single-vendor networking solution 

F. migration of the enterprise network to IPv6 

Answer: ABD

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Q46. About 50 percent of the installed base of Cisco routers are reaching end of service or end of life. As a result, about 4 million units are expected to be replaced. What are the four strongest arguments to pre-empt competitive attacks? (Choose four.) 

A. Price per unit 

B. Ability to meet local service provider requirements 

C. Transparency of solutions 

D. Quality of Cisco software and support 

E. Service integration 

F. Long investment cycles 

Answer: BCDE

Q47. Which two items are services that are provided by Cisco Fabric Services? (Choose two.) 

A. DPVM configuration distribution 

B. Kerberos proxy distribution 

C. VLAN database distribution 

D. device alias distribution 

E. RSA key pair distribution 

Answer: AD

Q48. What are two reasons you would add Cisco WAAS to the branch router? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco yWAAS on Cisco ISR G2 is a solution to optimize services consolidation. 

B. Cisco WAAS Express is a cost-effective solution to optimize bandwidth. 

C. Cisco WAAS Mobile on Cisco ISR G2 is an effective solution to achieve application acceleration. 

D. Cisco WAAS on Cisco SRE is a good solution to optimize application performance. 

E. Cisco WAAS Mobile on Cisco SRE is a cost-effective solution to optimize bandwidth. 

Answer: BD

Q49. Which two capabilities dons Cisco SecureX give organizations for their BYOD solutions? (Choose two.) 

A. integration with unified policy 

B. limited endpoint device choice 

C. efficient security policy with disabled cloud-based services 

D. persistent security tor traditional PCs and for mobile devices 

E. use of wired and wireless access but not VPN access 

Answer: AD

Q50. Which three of the following statements correctly describe the benefits of Cisco routers as an important part of the Cisco Borderless Network? (Choose three.) 

A. MACsec is supported only on high-end routers. 

B. Cisco router security features include MACsec, BPDU Guard, and host IPS functionality. 

C. Cisco offers a number of scalable and easy-to-maintain VPN solutions, including GET VPN and DMVPN. 

D. Cisco routers support zero-touch deployment for simple and fast deployment of new remote locations. 

E. Cisco offers performance-based routing, which adapts routing decisions based on the requirements of certain traffic flows. 

Answer: CDE

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