Jun 2021 updated: Actualtests Cisco 650-127 exam answers 11-20

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2021 Jun 650-127 pdf exam

Q11. Which of these options includes the two major areas of the network within a substation in the Substation Automation architecture? 

A. the electrical network and the data network 

B. the primary WAN and the secondary WAN 

C. the secure access side and the open access side 

D. the station bus and the multi service Ethernet ring 

Answer: D 

Q12. Which of these is a grouping of elements that are part of the Cisco Substation Automation solution? 

A. data center and customer call centers 

B. customer call centers, electrical auto recharging, home energy management 

C. protection and control, grid monitoring, multi service communications networks 

D. multi service communications networks 

E. protection and control, auto meter reading, data analysis 

Answer: C 

Q13. Which two can use the Smart Grid PDI Help Desk? (Choose two.) 

A. everyone 

B. anyone with a CCO ID 

C. trained connect grid partners internal Cisco sales team members 

D. all Gold partners 

Answer: C,D 

Q14. What is Cisco's overall vision with respect to communications protocols? 

A. To design and architect end-to-end communications infrastructure using confusing communication protocols. 

B. To design and architect end-to-end communications infrastructure using foreign communication protocols. 

C. To design and architect end-to-end communications infrastructure using open standard communication protocols. 

D. To design and architect end-to-end communications infrastructure using proprietary communication protocols. 

Answer: C 

Q15. How many power supply slots are available on each Cisco CGR 2010 chassis? 

A. 1 slot 

B. 4 slots 

C. 2 slots 

D. No slots because all power is integrated over IP. 

Answer: C 

650-127 practice

Up to the minute 650-127 free practice exam:

Q16. Which option is NOT one of the business drivers behind trends in the Global Energy Market? 

A. Cost of doing business 

B. Aging infrastructure and workforce 

C. Changing Grid Architecture 

D. Global warming 

E. New Consumer Interaction Model 

Answer: E 

Q17. Which trend is driving the move toward Smart Grid? 

A. increases in supply, which requires the integration of distributed generation sources 

B. increasing carbon footprint 

C. compliance with regulations involving government funding and rules 

D. reduced demand, which causes an increase in demand and peak load 

Answer: C 

Q18. What will happen when only one power supply is ordered for each CGS or CGR? 

A. A warning label reminds the user to order a blank cover. 

B. A blank cover will be shipped with the unit. 

C. The user will be reminded to order an additional power supply. 

D. Nothing will happen. 

E. The order will not be processed. 

Answer: B 

Q19. Refer to the exhibit. Which of these best describes the question mark? 

A. local area network 

B. multiservice Ethernet ring 

C. Token Ring network 

D. IEC 61850 station bus 

Answer: D 

Q20. Which of these is part of mission critical substation? 

A. fault detection and restoration 

B. physical security alarm 

C. physical access (deny access) 

D. workstation email 

Answer: A 

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