10 tips on How to 771-101 Test Like a Badass [121 to 130]

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2021 Jun 771-101 practice

Q121. A network administrator tells you that they do NOT need WebAccelerator because their Web application isfine. What is your best response? 

A. Challenge them to run performance testing on their Web site 

B. Access their Web site with them to display its response 

C. Request a follow up meeting within the next three months 

D. Ask for an opportunity to speak with the CIO or a member of their Web application team 

Answer: D 

Q122. FastCache will NOT work with compressed objects. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: A 

Q123. Which three of these are the potential ending options for branches in the Visual Policy Editor? 

A. Reject 

B. Fallback 

C. Allow 

D. Deny 

E. Limit 

F. Redirect 

Answer: C,D,F 

Q124. Select thequestionyou would ask your customer related to DNS attacks. Based on the material, choose themost appropriate question. 

A. How do you secure you DNS infrastructure against attacks? 

B. Do you rely on your network firewall to protect you DNS server? 

C. Do you over-provision your DNS infrastructure? 

D. Do you regularly update BIND or some other DNS application to the latest release? 

Answer: A 

Q125. Which item is NOT a function of ASM? 

A. Provides authentication and authorization services 

B. Logs and reports full HTTP messages 

C. Provides comprehensive Web application security 

D. Provides application level performance information 

Answer: A 

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Updated 771-101 answers:

Q126. The BIG-IP full proxy architecture has full visibility from the client to the server and from the server to the client. 

What security benefit does this provide to customers? 

A. Offloads security functionality from other devices such as network firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), which may experience performance degradation when inspecting DNS queries andresponses. 

B. provides....... DNS servers. 

C. Establishes highly detailed policies based on your customer's business in requirements, performs multiplefactors of authentication, detects corporate versus non-corporate devices, checks OS patch levels, anddetermines antivirus patch levels. 

D. Provides industry-leading knowledge of application behavior as it travels through a *3, network, and itapplies that knowledge to security because it knows how an application behaves at any point in the replyrequestprocess 

Answer: D 

Q127. Which four of the following items are physical objects used by GTM? 

A. Virtual servers 

B. Links C. Servers 

D. Wide IPs 

E. Data centers 

F. Pools 

Answer: A,B,C,E 

Explanation: Explanation/Reference: These components include: Data centers, Servers, Links, Virtual servers http://support.f5.com/kb/en-us/products/big-ip_gtm/manuals/product/gtm_config_10_2/gtm_components_overview.html Links + Wide IPs + Data centers + Pools Links + Wide IPs + Data centers + Virtual servers Links + Servers + Virtual servers + Poolsthe physical network, such as data centers, servers, and links, and the components that comprise the logicalnetwork, such as wide IPs, pools, and global settings. Most of the configuration components you build usingthe Configuration utility are saved to the wideip.conf file. Logical objects/components include: Listeners - Pools - Wide IPs - Distributed applications 

Q128. The Protected Workspace client-side action provides more client-side security than the Cacheand Session Control action. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: A 

Q129. Which of the following statements about Web server offload is NOT true? 

A. It performs rate shaping to reduce overflow 

B. It forces the client browser to use multiple connections streams 

C. It uses OneConnect to reduce multiple TCP connections 

D. It utilizes cached content to prevent unnecessary trips for the same content 

E. It uses specialized hardware for SSL offload 

Answer: B 

Q130. Brute force protection will: 

A. Block a user after a specified number , unsuccessful login attempts 

B. Block a user after a specified number of page requests are attempted 

C. None of the above 

D. Block a user from downloading too much content from the site 

Answer: A 

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