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The customer wants to increase their market share and protect brands reputation. Which two business outcomes are critical to the company’s success? (Choose two.)

  • A. risk management
  • B. credibility
  • C. business growth
  • D. cost efficiency
  • E. sustainability

Answer: CE

In which stage does the Customer Success Manager initially validate stakeholders?

  • A. onboarding
  • B. deployment
  • C. utilization
  • D. purchase

Answer: A

Which two actions are in adoption campaign? (Choose two.)

  • A. messaging to users on best practice approaches to their solution
  • B. messaging to stakeholders on new product releases
  • C. messaging to stakeholders on the new features of their solution
  • D. survey sent to all end users
  • E. renewal reminder to stakeholders

Answer: AC

The customer wants to improve operational expenditure and reduce the C02 footprint of the organization. Which two business outcomes are critical to the company’s success? (Choose two.)

  • A. sustainability
  • B. credibility
  • C. time to market
  • D. business growth
  • E. cost efficiency

Answer: AE

In an onboarding session, introductions to new stakeholders were made, new KPIs were collated, and desired use cases were discussed. Which step does the Customer Success Manager take next?

  • A. Document the session, stakeholder interests, and metrics for leadership
  • B. Create a success plan to be reviewed with the customer at the next review meeting
  • C. Provide technical configuration for development
  • D. Discuss new opportunities and new products to purchase

Answer: A

A customer’s renewal is due in the next 6 months. Analytical data has been provided to the Customer Success Manager that shows customer usage over the last 12 months. Which two additional pieces of information are important prior to a meeting with the customer to discuss their adoption journey prior to the renewal? (Choose two.)

  • A. customer annual report and quarterly business reviews
  • B. sales account plan
  • C. detailed contract inventory
  • D. QUESTION NO:s to validate the interpreted analytical data
  • E. support tickets reports and diagnostic information

Answer: AD

Which two results of a successful customer onboarding stage are the most important? (Choose two.)

  • A. organization chart discussed
  • B. account relationships identified
  • C. desired business outcomes discussed
  • D. stakeholders identified
  • E. network diagrams discussed

Answer: CD

The Customer Success Manager notices that their customer has delayed going into production. Which action does the Customer Success Manager consider?

  • A. Suggest that the customer replace their existing staff
  • B. Provide the customer with a chargeable deployment service
  • C. Re-enforce the time to value of the solution
  • D. Give the customer a discount on a future purchase

Answer: C

Throughout the customer lifecycle, opportunities can occur that lead to customers becoming advocates for the Customer Success Manager’s company. Which two opportunities can lead to advocacy? (Choose two.)

  • A. moments of success when the customer acknowledges progress
  • B. successful contract renewal
  • C. green health scores over intermittent time periods
  • D. continuing results based on unexpected value
  • E. results that are not measurable

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit.
820-605 dumps exhibit
Which initial action does a Customer Success Manager take?

  • A. Run analysis on all the license types used by the customer on all platforms
  • B. Share the report with the customer point of contact for license types B and D and determine causes
  • C. Provide trending information on license types B and D and share with all stakeholders
  • D. Inform the Sales Account Manager to position a new version of licenses types B and D with additional features

Answer: A

Which item should the Customer Success Manager focus on to enable the adoption of a software solution?

  • A. KPI that will be improved by the new product solution
  • B. current existing products that are being displaced by the solution
  • C. current configuration guide of the product solution
  • D. product use case that will achieve the desired outcome

Answer: D

What is a financial implication of churn?

  • A. loss of revenue
  • B. increased production
  • C. reduced product utilization
  • D. contract expansion

Answer: A

Which statement describes the difference between customer success and customer sales?

  • A. Customer sales is about selling solutions to meet business need
  • B. Customer success is about getting customers to utilize those solutions to get the value they intended.
  • C. Customer sales is about getting customers to utilize their solutions to get the value they intended.Customer success is about making sure the customer deploys the solution within an effective timeline.
  • D. Customer sales is about getting customers to utilize their solutions to get the value they intended.Customer success is about expanding the customer’s portfolio.
  • E. Customer sales is about selling solutions to meet business need
  • F. Customer success is about finding product opportunities for sales as the customer utilizes their current solution.

Answer: A

Which two actions are critical when communicating with executives? (Choose two.)

  • A. Keep services as a primary topic
  • B. Focus on the value achieved
  • C. Incorporate the sales team’s plan
  • D. Target executive priorities
  • E. Focus on technical details

Answer: BD

Which statement describes an end user adoption barrier?

  • A. There are insufficient licenses for additional staff from a newly acquired company to use the solution.
  • B. The CIO insists on conducting training for all heads of department before deploying the new Collaboration solution.
  • C. The budget is insufficient to implement the solution for a new branch of the business.
  • D. Staff refuses to change their habits and continues to use a noncompliant social media application to conduct business communications.

Answer: D

What is the term for the gap between the features and functions that customers purchase and the features and functions that they use?

  • A. capability gap
  • B. financial gap
  • C. consumption gap
  • D. organizational gap

Answer: C

What is the best reason for documenting your customer’s success?

  • A. To provide awareness of the value achieved by the customer’s purchased solution
  • B. To establish KPI’s that measure the success of your company’s business
  • C. To document roles and responsibilities for your project management
  • D. To provide expansion opportunities for your sales team

Answer: B

A large university has deployed a new IT solution designed to improve the overall student and staff experience. Which approach to measure success is the best?

  • A. Twice yearly student and staff surveys with two QUESTION NO:s related to IT
  • B. Measure the number of complaints raised by students
  • C. Combination of tailored surveys and IT tools-based metrics
  • D. Implement staff Super Users to provide feedback

Answer: B


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