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The campaign developer must add a column to an existing table and schema. The column must support numerical values that contain up to 17 digits. What should a campaign develops use to model this column?

  • A. Long data type
  • B. Double data type
  • C. int64 data type
  • D. String data type

Answer: A

How should a Campaign developer allow a marketing user to start a workflow?

  • A. Add the user to the Delivery Operator group
  • B. Add the user to the Campaign Manager Operator group
  • C. Add the user to the Administrator Operator group
  • D. Add the user to the Workflow Supervisor group

Answer: B

An attribute called model_name is added to an existing customerModel, using the following code. Attribute label=’’Model Name’’ length=255’’ name= ’’model_name’’ type string’’/>
The XML for the new column is parsed successfully and saved to the schema definition.
The end user tries to view the data using configure list… by adding the new attribute to the output columns. The following database error is thrown’’ invalid column name ‘sModel_name’’
What is the reason this error?

  • A. The navtree definition for customerModel must be updated
  • B. The attribute definition is missing a default value
  • C. The end user must disconnect and reconnect from the Campaign client
  • D. The Update Database Structure process was NOT

Answer: A

A Campaign developer configure a delivery with 100 records. After executing the delivery the developer goes to approve the targeting. The developer sees 10 records as the target count and 90 records as the To send count.
The campaign developer needs a details listing of the individual dropped and the reason for exclusion before approving the target.
After opening the delivery, how should the campaign developer perform this task?

  • A. Go to Delivery ->Exclusion
  • B. Go to Audit -> Cause of Exclusions
  • C. Go to Tracking
  • D. Go to To > Exclusion Select Allow Excluded Address.

Answer: A

What is the purpose of the Jump activity?

  • A. To create branching in the workflow
  • B. To call a subworkflow
  • C. To improve the readability of the workflow
  • D. To trigger a workflow

Answer: C

A campaign target population is cut at 100 random records to receive a limited offer. When the Campaign developer goes to approve the targeting for the offer, only 90 records ate available. Ten records have been removed by a required topology rule Less than 18 Years Old.
A Campaign developer must make sure exactly 100 records are selected and sent an offer while ensuring compliance.
Mow should the Campaign developer perform this task?

  • A. Remove the less than IS Years OM rule from the typology defined in the delivery
  • B. Add a filter to the workflow to select only 18 yean of age or older
  • C. Change the execution order of the Less than 18 Years Old typology rule to execute later.
  • D. Select 110 random records to account for the drop by the typology rule

Answer: A

What is the prerequisite for Adobe Campaign Server installation on a Windows Server?

  • A. Internet information Service (IIS)
  • B. Tomcat
  • C. Java
  • D. SQL Client

Answer: A

A complain developer must store a customer email address secondary phone number, and secondary physical address in Adobe campaign.
The campaign developer extends the recipient schema to perform this task. What is the result of doing this?

  • A. Custom failed are stored in the temporary database table
  • B. Column are added to the database table
  • C. Column are added to the recipient database table
  • D. Custom fields are stored in a new database table

Answer: D

A Campaign developer wants to allow users to pick values from and allow users to enter values that may not be in the drop-down list.
How should the Campaign developer meet this requirement using enumeration?

  • A. Create an enumeration within the schema defining using the type= userDef syntax
  • B. Create a user enumeration that specific open as the type
  • C. Create a user enumeration that specifies as the type
  • D. Create an enumeration within the input from defining

Answer: C

A Campaign developer is configure an exclusion that takes two queries as input. Query 1: Select customer with email address
Query 2: Select customer who do not want to be contacted
Customer who do not with to be contacted must be removed in a test run of the exclusion the workflow raises the following error.
‘’You must defined the man set for exclusion Remove Supersessions.’’
How should the campaign developer solve this issue?

  • A. Create the list called Remove Suppression before running the exclusion
  • B. Only connect one query activity to the exclusion
  • C. Ensure a primary set is selected on the exclusion tab in the exclusion activity
  • D. Configure a delivery for use with the target audience

Answer: C

A Campaign developer must build a technical workflow to automate loading a flat file that contains he opt-in status of customers.
The flat file is placed on an external SFTP server daily. The server details and credential have been provided. How should the Campaign developer import the flat to load into Adobe Campaign?

  • A. The file must be transferred to the Adobe Campaign server by the team that generates the fil
  • B. Use the File Collector in the technical workflow.
  • C. Define an external account of type SFTP with the provided inf
  • D. Use the external account with ‘’file transfer task in the technical workflow.
  • E. Define an external account of type SFTP with the provided inf
  • F. Use the external account with data import step in the technical workflow.
  • G. In the technical workflow, add a javaScript code task that connects to the SFTP server and downloads the file to be loaded.

Answer: D

A developer configure two split activities (split1 and Split2). Each split has only one resulting segment. The population of the first split is the input population of the second. The segmentCode is configured on the split as follows:
AD0-E308 dumps exhibit
All split and subsequent segment result in records. The campaign developer turns on the Concatenate the code of each segment with the code found in the input population option of the second split.
What is the resulting segmentCode value?

  • A. Splitsegmentsplit2segment2
  • B. Segment1segment2
  • C. Segment2
  • D. @ID of the recipient record + ‘Segemnt2’

Answer: D

What is the primary benefit of utilizing a platform option?

  • A. To communicate with external application
  • B. To standardize the values of a filed and help with data input or use within queries
  • C. To automatically create an incremental counter to maintain a consistent sequence
  • D. To reference and update a parameter across multiple workflow execution

Answer: C

A new column is added to the recipient schema via a schema extension. The extension is called recipientExt in namespace abc. This new column Is called CustomDecile and is of type long.
What is the database location of the new column?

  • A. NmsRecipientExtCustomerDecile
  • B. abcRecipient.CustomerDecile
  • C. abcRecipientCustomerDecile
  • D. NmsRecipien.CustomerDecile

Answer: D

Which two services are deployed only on a mid-sourcing instance in a hybrid installation setup? (Choose two.)

  • A. Delivery Service (mta)
  • B. Bounce email management Service (inMail)
  • C. Redirection Service (webmd)
  • D. Workflow engine (wfserver)

Answer: AC

A Campaign developer is adding a schema to the data model.
Which step must be performed for the table to be used in Adobe Campaign queries?

  • A. Create a join in the schema to the Recipient table.
  • B. Create the schema in a new namespace.
  • C. Match the schema name to the table name.
  • D. Create a Primary key in the schema.

Answer: C

A Campaign developer notices that targeting approval and content approval notification are not being sent. What should be developer verify to resolve this situation?

  • A. The jobs on deliveries in campaigns workflow is running.
  • B. The approval message is using a notification typology.
  • C. The notification reminders are configured in the approval tab.
  • D. The target of the approval message is in the recipient table.

Answer: A

A Campaign developer create an alert notification with the variable varsrecCount. What is the result?

  • A. The notification has the population count of the target going into the alert activity.
  • B. The notification sends the total population count for all segments in the campaign.
  • C. The notification is blank until the final target is approval for the workflow.
  • D. The notification has the number of recipient records in the database.

Answer: A

During development, the client must only send emails to their company domain. How should a Campaign development make sure this is enforced?

  • A. Create a delivery template with an exclusion rule to remove recipient in other domains
  • B. Update non-company domain emails to NULL
  • C. Create s default workflow template with an exclusion activity recipient In other domains
  • D. Create a typology rule to exclude recipient in other domain

Answer: D

A Campaign developer Is Building an automated workflow that is requited to send emails to product purchasers from the previous day. The audience of each day's send must be stored in a delivery of its own.
Which type of delivery should the Campaign developer use in such a workflow?

  • A. Continuous delivery
  • B. Email delivery
  • C. Other delivery
  • D. Recurring delivery

Answer: B

A client wants to use Amazon Redshift to install Adobe Campaign in a hybrid AWS environment to hold all customer data.
Which step must be taken to utilize this type of data?

  • A. Adobe Campaign tables must be created in the Redshift database
  • B. FDA module must be installed to access a Redshift database
  • C. Adobe Campaign does NOT support Redshift.
  • D. ODBC native SQL drives must be installed to access a Redshift database

Answer: A

A campaign developer must configure a campaign hierarchy. campaign configuration are as follows:
AD0-E308 dumps exhibit Campaigns are budgeted and planned quarterly (Example 2017 Q1)
AD0-E308 dumps exhibitCampaigns run weekly (Example, Week1, Week2..)
How should the Campaign developer configure the campaign hierarchy?

  • A. Program Level based on the specific instance of the campaign run (Week1) Campaign Level based on the campaign type (Product promotion) Plan Level based on the quarter of the year (2017 Q1)
  • B. Plan Level based on the quarter of the year (2017 Q1) Program based on campaign type (product Promotional) campaign level based on the week of the campaign run (Week1)
  • C. Program Level based on the quarter of the year (2017Q1) Plan based on campaign type (Product Promotion) Campaign based on weekly run (Week1)
  • D. Delivery Level based on the quarter of the year (2017 Q1) Plan based on the weekly run on the campaign (Week1) Program based on campaign type (Product Promotion)

Answer: B

A Campaign developer is creating an expression that requires use of SQL Code to execute. The SQL expression must segmentCode of the target audience.
How should the campaign developer reference the Campaign internal segmentCode attribute in a SQL expression?

  • A. sSegmentCode
  • B. targetData/segmentCode
  • C. targetData/@SegmentCode
  • D. iSegmentCode

Answer: D


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