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2021 Oct C2010-501 free exam

Q41. A company wants to add some changes to the IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 (Maximo) SMP directory which will require a new EAR file build. Since the main Maximo administrator is on vacation, one of the IT staff members is asked to run the process. The IT staff member is an administrative domain user with access to the Maximo administrative workstation through remote desktop protocol. Once the changes are made the IT staff member proceeds to build a new EAR file by double-clicking on the buildmaximoear. cmd file with their login credentials. When the IT staff member checks for the new EAR file it is obvious by the older timestamp on the file that a new EAR has not been built. 

Why was the new EAR file not built? 

A. The Maximo Java Virtual Machine is not running. 

B. The file is corrupt. 

C. Thebuildmaximoear.cmd file was not run with the proper privileges. 

D. An IT staff member must run the build process from a command prompt. 


Q42. What is the correct format for the useAppServerSecurity parameter when enabling Application Server Security in the ibmSMPmaximoapplicationsmaximomaximouiwebwebmoduleWEB-INFweb.xml? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q43. During a new installation, what are the first two log files created in C:IBMSMPmaximotoolsmaximolog? 

A. Cleandb and Maxinst 

B. Maxinst and Updatedb 

C. Updatedb and Configdb 

D. Maxinst and Reportlabelloader 


Reference: install_was.pdf 

Q44. Which utility is used to report IBM Maximo Asset Management database errors prior to beginning a database upgrade? 

A. configdb 

B. TDToolkit 

C. mtegrityui 

D. CleanDatabase 


Q45. Which factor should be taken into consideration when determining how many user interface sessions can be supported by any single Java Virtual Machine (JVM)? 

A. The number of licensed users. 

B. The network speed for the users. 

C. The total number of users to be supported by the entire system. 

D. The activity level of the users who will be connected to and serviced by a JVM. 


Rebirth C2010-501 practice exam:

Q46. VMMSYNC is an IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 cron task that can be used for what purpose? 

A. to synchronize users from a LDAP capable server when using IBM WebSphere Application Server (WebSphere) 

B. to synchronize users from a LDAP capable server when using Oracle WebLogic Server (WebLogic) 

C. to synchronize users from a LDAP capable server and to enable external application authorization 

D. to synchronize users from a LDAP capable server when using IBM WebSphere or WebLogic 


Q47. How can it be verified which interim fix has been installed in an IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 (Maximo) environment? 

A. run the ifix utility 

B. view the Maximo EAR date 

C. run the installation verification utility 

D. view the Maximo system information 


Q48. Which statement explains how a Java Virtual Machine can have a memory leak despite having garbage collection? 

A. Coding errors in Java prevent the garbage collection process. 

B. Garbage collection only cleans unused objects without references. 

C. Garbage collection is not given a chance to run when memory leaks occur in Java. 

D. The heap can contain large numbers of objects that are marked as non-recyclable which can spawn garbage collection-proof objects. 


Q49. Which two Start Center portlet(s) contains SQL that should be carefully examined if Start Center Performance is poor? (Choose two.) 

A. KPIs 

B. Favorites 

C. Result Sets 

D. Quick Insert 

E. Bulletin Board 

Answer: A,C 

Q50. A user, administrator, is undertaking the installation of a new IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 environment on a Windows 2008 Server. The default installation path will be C:IBMSMP. 

The installation has not been running very long and the user interface indicates that files are being copied when the installer fails. The default log folder has not been created yet. Where is the CTGInstallTraceOO.log located? 

A. C: 


C. C:IBMSMPlogs 

D. C:Usersadrninistrator 


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