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2021 Aug C2010-501 free exam

Q111. What is the correct product install order for IBM Maximo Asset Management (Maximo)? 

A. latest Maximo fix pack, any industry solution, latest fix pack interim fix 

B. latest Maximo fix pack, any industry solution, interim fix for earlier fix pack 

C. latest Maximo fix pack interim fix, any industry solution, latest Maximo fix pack 

D. latest Maximo fix pack interim fix, latest Maximo fix pack, any industry solution 

Answer: A 

Q112. User Access Control can be disabled to permit the IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 installation to take which action? 

A. to create log files 

B. to run as administrator 

C. to update the database 

D. to update the file 

Answer: D 

Q113. When reviewing customer requirements for an IBM Maximo Asset Management environment, the customer explains that they have no plans for a development or a user acceptance testing environment. What is a reason that should be given to the customer as to why they should have a development environment? 

A. Development environments always differ from production environments in the number of JVMs. 

B. Development environments typically utilize the same database server and J2EE servers as in the production environments. 

C. Development environments allow for the creation, configuration, and development of test code without compromising the integrity of the production system. 

D. Development environments must utilize the IBM Maximo Integration Framework components to export and import code and configuration changes into the production environments. 

Answer: C 

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Q114. Which three standard queues in IBM Maximo Asset Management required to have a fully functioning Maximo Integration Framework? 

A. jms/maximo/int/queues/cqin 

B. jms/maximo/int/queues/sqin 

C. jms/maximo/int/queues/seqin 

D. jms/maximo/int/queues/sqout 

E. jms/maximo/int/queues/seqout 

F. jms/maximo/int/queues/contqin 

Answer: A,B,D 

Reference: /mam71_integration_guide.pdf 

Q115. Which statement correctly describes the Java heap? 

A. the size of the application's executable code 

B. the transaction history of the Java application 

C. Java class files and system objects used by the application 

D. memory allocated within a Java Virtual Machine for the creation and use of objects 

Answer: D 

Q116. A customer is having performance problems and needs to understand how to resolve these performance issues. Their environment runs a single Java Virtual Machine (JVM). 

How can clustering help with the performance issues? 

A. Clustering provides a means to spread some of the workload across multiple heap spaces. 

B. Clustering speeds garbage collection by having more garbage collectors to purge the application space. 

C. Clustering creates multiple TCP/I P ports for a single JVM to allow for more connections to the application. 

D. Clustering provides failover so that the failure of an overburdened application server can be met by a hot standby cluster member. 

Answer: D 

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