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A company needs to access the cloud administration console using its corporate identity. Which of the following actions would MOST likely meet the requirements?

  • A. Implement SSH key-based authentication.
  • B. Implement cloud authentication with local LDAP.
  • C. Implement multifactor authentication.
  • D. Implement client-based certificate authentication.

Answer: D

A systems administrator is configuring RAID for a new server. This server will host files for users and replicate to an identical server. While redundancy is necessary, the most important need is to maximize storage.
Which of the following RAID types should the administrator choose?

  • A. 5
  • B. 6
  • C. 10
  • D. 50

Answer: C

A systems administrator is deploying a new storage array for backups. The array provides 1PB of raw disk space and uses 14TB nearline SAS drives. The solution must tolerate at least two failed drives in a single RAID set.
Which of the following RAID levels satisfies this requirement?

  • A. RAID 0
  • B. RAID 1
  • C. RAID 5
  • D. RAID 6
  • E. RAID 10

Answer: D

Which of the following cloud deployment models allows a company to have full control over its IT infrastructure?

  • A. Private
  • B. Cloud within a cloud
  • C. Hybrid
  • D. Public

Answer: A

A private IaaS administrator is receiving reports that all newly provisioned Linux VMs are running an earlier version of the OS than they should be. The administrator reviews the automation scripts to troubleshoot the issue and determines the scripts ran successfully. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

  • A. API version incompatibility
  • B. Misconfigured script account
  • C. Wrong template selection
  • D. Incorrect provisioning script indentation

Answer: C

A vendor is installing a new retail store management application for a customer. The application license ensures software costs are low when the application is not being used, but costs go up when use is higher.
Which of the following licensing models is MOST likely being used?

  • A. Socket-based
  • B. Core-based
  • C. Subscription
  • D. Volume-based

Answer: D

Which of the following service models would be used for a database in the cloud?

  • A. PaaS
  • B. laaS
  • C. CaaS
  • D. SaaS

Answer: D

A systems administrator recently upgraded the processors in a web application host. Upon the next login, the administrator sees a new alert regarding the license being out of compliance.
Which of the following licensing models is the application MOST likely using?

  • A. Per device
  • B. Per user
  • C. Core-based
  • D. Volume-based

Answer: C

A software development manager is looking for a solution that will allow a team of developers to work in isolated environments that can be spun up and torn down quickly.
Which of the following is the MOST appropriate solution?

  • A. Containers
  • B. File subscriptions
  • C. Ballooning
  • D. Software-defined storage

Answer: A

An update is being deployed to a web application, and a systems administrator notices the cloud SQL database has stopped running. The VM is responding to pings, and there were not any configuration changes scheduled for the VM. Which of the following should the administrator check NEXT?

  • A. Logs on the VM
  • B. Firewall on the VM
  • C. Memory on the VM
  • D. vGPU performance on the VM

Answer: A

A systems administrator is using VMs to deploy a new solution that contains a number of application VMs. Which of the following would provide high availability to the application environment in case of hypervisor failure?

  • A. Anti-affinity rules
  • B. Cold migration
  • C. Live migration
  • D. Affinity rules

Answer: A

An organization’s web server farm, which is hosted in the cloud with DNS load balancing, is experiencing a spike in network traffic. This has caused an outage of the organization’s web server infrastructure.
Which of the following should be implemented to prevent this in the future as a mitigation method?

  • A. Enable DLP
  • B. Configure microsegmentation
  • C. Enable DNSSEC
  • D. Deploy a vADC appliance

Answer: D

A web server has been deployed in a public IaaS provider and has been assigned the public IP address of Users are now reporting that when they browse to the website, they receive a message indicating the service is unavailable. The cloud administrator logs into the server, runs a netstat command,
and notices the following relevant output:
CV0-003 dumps exhibit
Which of the following actions should the cloud administrator take to resolve the issue?

  • A. Assign a new IP address of to the web server
  • B. Modify the firewall on to allow only UDP
  • C. Configure the WAF to filter requests from
  • D. Update the gateway on the web server to use

Answer: D

A company is switching from one cloud provider to another and needs to complete the migration as quickly as possible.
Which of the following is the MOST important consideration to ensure a seamless migration?

  • A. The cost of the environment
  • B. The I/O of the storage
  • C. Feature compatibility
  • D. Network utilization

Answer: D

A cloud engineer is responsible for managing two cloud environments from different MSPs. The security department would like to inspect all traffic from the two cloud environments.
Which of the following network topology solutions should the cloud engineer implement to reduce long-term maintenance?

  • A. Chain
  • B. Star
  • C. Mesh
  • D. Hub and spoke

Answer: D

A DevOps administrator is automating an existing software development workflow. The administrator wants to ensure that prior to any new code going into production, tests confirm the new code does not negatively impact existing automation activities.
Which of the following testing techniques would be BEST to use?

  • A. Usability testing
  • B. Regression testing
  • C. Vulnerability testing
  • D. Penetration testing

Answer: B

A systems administrator is trying to establish an RDP session from a desktop to a server in the cloud. However, the connection appears to be refused even through the VM is responding to ICMP echo requests. Which of the following should the administrator check FIRST?

  • A. The firewall
  • B. The subnet
  • C. The gateway
  • D. The services

Answer: D

A systems administrator would like to reduce the network delay between two servers.
Which of the following will reduce the network delay without taxing other system resources?

  • A. Decrease the MTU size on both servers
  • B. Adjust the CPU resources on both servers
  • C. Enable compression between the servers
  • D. Configure a VPN tunnel between the servers

Answer: A


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