[Real] CWDP-302 CWNA training 11-20 (Dec 2021)

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2021 Dec CWDP-302 sample question

Q11. You have determined the best mounting locations for APs in a given installation. The facilities manager has asked you to change the locations for several APs due to aesthetic concerns. You suggest mounting the APs in the ideal locations and painting them so they go unnoticed in the environment. 

What is a valid recommendation or consideration when painting APs? 

A. Always use paints with metallic dye in them to prevent potential RF propagation impact. 

B. Painting APs will significantly reduce the output power. 

C. Painting APs may void the product manufacturer’s warranty. 

D. Most AP models for indoor environments come in a variety of form factors and colors. Painting is never recommended. 


Q12. Given:As the wireless network administrator for XYZ Company, you are planning to upgrade your aging wireless network infrastructure, as well as some clients, to support 802.11ac. In your research, you have discovered that your new wireless client devices and infrastructure are 802.11ac, WMM, and WMM-PS certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Some of your existing client devices are 802.11a/b/g devices that do not support WMM. 

Given this information, what scenario is possible when your company's employees begin using both types of client devices on the new WLAN? 

A. All WMM-PS certified client devices will be prevented from utilizing WMM-PS features until all stations in use on the wireless medium are WMM-PS certified. 

B. The WLAN infrastructure will set the dozing times of the WMM-PS certified client devices based upon their WMM access category, while the non-WMM-PS client devices will continue to use PS-Poll frames. 

C. Performance and battery life will be inconsistent between WMM-PS and non-WMM-PS client devices when used with applications that support WMM-PS. 

D. WMM-PS enabled APs will allow both WMM-PS and non-WMM-PS stations to use the trigger-and-delivery mechanism, but WMM-PS stations will get priority. 


Q13. You are on site, planning a network at a freight shipping company on a busy harbor.Since the preliminary WLAN design specifies support for the 5 GHz spectrum, you would like to test for radar pulses to determine if DFS channels should be supported at this facility. As a part of your spectral survey with a laptop-based analyzer, you include DFS testing to identify the presence of radar. This is done by manually observing Real-time FFT, Duty Cycle, and Active Devices charts of the spectrum analyzer software. 

What potential drawback is present with this DFS test method? 

A. Many WLAN products that support DFS channels report several false positives. Ideally, the actual WLAN equipment used in the deploymentshould be used to test for DFS. 

B. Some sources of 5 GHz radar, such as military ships, are mobile in nature. A longer, automated test setup should be used to identify the presence or absence of radar. 

C. Manual identification of radar pulses using spectrum analysis charts can be very difficult due to radar’s low amplitude at the Wi-Fi receiver. 

D. Modern spectrum analyzer adapters do not provide the necessary bandwidth resolution required to detect and measure radar signatures. 


Q14. What is the DSCP Per Hop Behavior equivalent classification of the 802.11 AC_VO priority level? 

A. AF31 

B. CS3 

C. VO 

D. EF 


Q15. You desire to achieve a 450 Mbps MCS. What 802.11n features (from the numbered list below) are required? 

1. Frame aggregation 

2. Short GI 

3. 40 MHz channels 

4. 2 spatial streams 

5. 3 spatial streams 

6. Transmit beamforming (TxBF) 

A. 2,3,2 

B. 1, 2, 3, 5 

C. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 

D. 2,3,5 


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Q16. You deployed an AP and installed its antenna, and you now need to set the AP transmit power. Given a desired EIRP of 21 dBm, and an antenna gain of 5.85 dBd connected through 25 feet of cable with a lossspecification of 4 dB/100 feet. 

Assuming that there is no significant loss from the connectors, what should be the transmit power level for this AP? 

A. 10 mW 

B. 14 mW 

C. 20 mW 

D. 25 mW 


Q17. Of the following antenna connector types, which one is the smallest? 


B. MC Connector 

C. N Connector 

D. Male N Connector 


Q18. What are some advantages of designing guest access with all guest users tunneled directly into the DMZ? 

A. Allows a single SSID with different authentication/encryption models to be used for all WLAN services for corporate users and guests 

B. Minimizes configuration requirements for segmentation and filtering of guest traffic across internal LAN 

C. The border firewall configuration will not require any additional rules to pass guest traffic to the DMZ controller 

D. Enhances performance of web proxy servers in the DMZ for guest Internet traffic 


Q19. In a multiple channel architecture (MCA) network supporting 802.1X authentication, what aspect of WLAN design affects client roaming efficiency and effectiveness? 

A. PHY standard used by the AP 

B. Key caching protocols 

C. Cipher suite 

D. PHY standard used by client 


Q20. What is the meaning of a Real Time FFT graph? 

A. Real Time FFT means Real Time First Fundamental Trace and shows the value of the first signal detected on each frequency at each sweep interval. 

B. Real Time FFT means Real Time Fast Frequency Timing and shows the RF pulses measured by the Layer 1 sweep tool. 

C. Real Time FFT means Real Time Fast Fourier Transform and shows the max value of the signal detected on each frequency in real time. 

D. Real Time FFT means Real Time Frequency Fundamental Texture and shows the value of the noise background generated by the card usedto perform the Layer 1 sweep. 


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