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2021 Jan CWDP-302 real exam

Q1. What is the purpose of Friis transmission equation [ (LdB) = 20 log(d) + 20 log (f) - 27.55 ]? 

A. Calculate earth bulge to determine minimum antenna height 

B. Calculate receive sensitivity for an 802.11 radio/antenna pair 

C. Calculate RF path loss in free space 

D. Calculate the loss experienced between the intentional radiator and antenna 


Q2. What is a radome? 

A. A type of semi-circular ceiling found in atriums and that is a heavy cause of RF reflection. 

B. A weatherproof piece of plastic covering an antenna or antenna system. 

C. The unit used to measure the signal reflected backward by the end of a cable. 

D. A piece of metal positioned behind APs mounted on outdoor poles, designed to limit the butterfly effect. 


Q3. Given:A WLAN controller is connected to ABC Company's core layer 3 Ethernet switch with an IEEE 802.1Q trunkconnection.The WLAN controller's native VLAN is VLAN 6 and its IP address is /24.Lightweight APs supporting centralized forwarding are connected to the network on VLANs 7, 8, and 9, and they each build a Layer 3 tunnel back to the WLAN controller's IP address. 

The dynamically assigned IP addresses received by each AP from a DHCP server will be ________________. 

A. Associated with the VLAN on which they are connected. 

B. Associated with the native VLAN of the WLAN controller. 

C. Associated with VLAN 1, the default VLAN for new APs 

D. Associated with a non-routable VLAN until the MAC address of the AP is removed from the controller's MAC filter 


Q4. When preparing a floor plan graphic for use in predictive and manual site surveying, what calibration method will lead to the most accurate and reliable RF data? 

A. Use the known size of a small object, such as a ceiling tile, and use a single instance of this object (e.g. a single ceiling tile) to scale the floor plan. 

B. Measure the width of an actual office doorway with a tape measure and use this value to calibrate against a doorway graphic. 

C. Use the longest available measurement (like a straight exterior wall) to calibrate the graphic’s scale. 

D. Calibrate the ceiling height of the floor plan first, then the survey software should be able to auto-calibrate the X and Y planes of the graphic. 


Q5. You are testing a VoWLAN deployment, and your communication measurements show a certain amount of lost packets. What would be an acceptable packet error rate value to still provide acceptable call quality? 

A. There should be 0% error in a VoWLAN type of deployment 

B. No more than 1% PER max should be acceptable 

C. No more than 4% PER max should be acceptable 

D. No more than 8% PER max should be acceptable 


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Q6. What kind of antenna results in a nearly circular pattern on the azimuth chart but a very flat donutshape on the elevation chart? 

A. High gain omni-directional 

B. 20 degree vertical yagi 

C. 120 degree horizontal sector 

D. 60 degree horizontal patch 


Q7. Assume that your network operates in a regulatory domain that allows use of the entire 5 GHz space allowed in the 802.11ac amendment. In your upcoming 802.11ac deployment, you would like to take advantage of the performance improvements that result from channel bonding. However, after extensive testing, you have determined that your mission-critical WLAN should not usechannels requiring DFS support. 

Given those two criteria (enable channel bonding and disable DFS channels), in the 5 GHz spectrum, how many non-overlapping 40 MHz channels will your system be able to use? 

A. 2 

B. 3 

C. 4 

D. 6 


Q8. You are creating an outdoor bridge link that spans more than 1000 yards. Which one of the following antenna types is more likely to be included in the design? 

A. Yagi 

B. Omni 

C. Patch 

D. Panel 


Q9. You are site surveying a network for VoWiFi. You have positioned an AP for a manual survey and are moving away from the AP with a phone in Survey Mode in your hand and you are reading the RSSI value of the signal received from the AP. You have previously determined that the noise floor was approximately -94 dBm on this floor of the building. The phone’s documentation does not specify a recommended RSSI orSNR value for best performance. 

Based on the information provided and the type of device (VoWiFi phone) you are deploying, what minimum RSSI should you plan for in all areas you are monitoring and where VoWiFi service is desired? 

A. – 75 dBm 

B. – 72 dBm 

C. – 67 dBm 

D. – 62 dBm 


Q10. During a post-deployment verification, you are requested to troubleshoot an area where users are experiencing poor throughput. They are using data communication only, mainly from laptops. You captured the frame showing an incorrect FCS. This frame is typical of those thatwere captured by the analyzer. 

What does this frame reveal about the RF network in this area? 

A. One station seems to be streaming video, thus may have reserved significant bandwidth via admission control 

B. Contention Free is in place in this network, which may starve some non-QoS stations from access 

C. Multipath or excessive collisions seem to be an issue in this area 

D. The AP seems to be too far to provide enough coverage to this area 


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