The Improve Guide To 010-150 lab Jan 2021

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2021 Jan 010-150 exam guide

Q21. What command line will create the user falco with home directory assigned to the group users as primary group? 

A. useradd -g users falco 

B. useradd -f users falco 

C. useradd -m -g users falco 

D. add user falco@users 

E. add -user falco -group users 


Q22. Which of the following applications are popular Open Source relational database systems? (Choose two) 

A. PostgreSQL 



D. DB/2 

E. MongoDB 

Answer: A, C 

Q23. Which command line can be used to search help files that mention the word "copy"? 

A. man -k copy 

B. whatis copy 

C. man copy 

D. copy help 

E. copy –help 


Q24. Which of the following commands will output all of the lines with the name Fred in upper or lower case but not the word red from the file data_file? (Choose two) 

A. grep -v fred data_file 

B. grep '[f]red' data_file 

C. egrep fred data_file 

D. grep '[Ff]red' data_file 

E. grep -i fred data_file 

Answer: D, E 

Q25. When creating a new file, what can be done to make the file hidden from the default output of the ls command? 

A. Hide the file with a name commented out with a hash sign like #foobar.txt. 

B. Hide the file with a name beginning with a period like .foobar.txt. 

C. Hide the file with chvis +h filename. 

D. Hide the file with chmod a+h filename. 

E. Hide the file with hide filename. 


Leading 010-150 actual test:

Q26. You have a program called /usr/bin/foo. You wish to create a symbolic link, /home/user/foo, that points to it. Which command will do this task? 

A. ln -sym /home/user/foo /usr/bin/foo 

B. ln -s /usr/bin/foo /home/user/foo 

C. ln /home/user/foo /usr/bin/foo 

D. ln /usr/bin/foo /home/user/foo 

E. ln --symlink /home/user/foo /usr/bin/foo 


Q27. Which of the following commands increases the number of elements in a directory? 

(Choose two) 

A. touch newfile 

B. create newfile 

C. ls newfile 

D. rmdir newdirectory 

E. mkdir newdirectory 

Answer: A, E 

Q28. CORRECT TEXT What two character sequence is present at the beginning of an interpreted script? (Please specify the TWO correct characters only) 

Answer: #! 

Q29. Given a directory with the following information: drwxrwxrwxt 12 tu tg 36864 2012-03-15 /home/directory/ Which of the following statements are true? (Choose two) A. Everybody can create files in the directory. 

B. Files in the directory are created with read, write and execute permissions for everyone. 

C. The directory is broken. 

D. Everybody can delete only his own files. 

E. The directory is a security risk. 

Answer: A, D 

Q30. Which command chain will count the number of regular files with the name of foo.txt within /home? 

A. ls -lR /home | grep foo.txt | wc -l 

B. find /home -type f -name foo.txt | wc -l 

C. find /home -name foo.txt -count 

D. find /home -name foo.txt | wc -l 

E. grep -R foo.txt /home | wc -l 


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