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2021 Aug juniper jncia jn0-102:

Q101. Which layer in the OSI model is responsible for translating frames into bits? 

A. Application Layer 

B. Presentation Layer 

C. Data Link Layer 

D. Physical Layer 

Answer: C 

Q102. Which two statements are true about the rescue configuration file? (Choose two.) 

A. It must include a root password. 

B. It is rollback file number 50, and you can recover it by issuing rollback 50. 

C. It is created by issuing request system configuration rescue save. 

D. It is updated automatically when you commit. 

Answer: A,C 

Q103. Which information would you find using the CLI help function? (Choose two.) 

A. message of the day 

B. tip of the day 

C. explanation for specific system log error messages 

D. explanation for specific traceoptions log messages 

Answer: B,C 

Q104. Which command do you use to identify the meaning of a syslog message? 

A. help log messages 

B. man log messages 

C. man syslog 

D. help syslog 

Answer: D 

Q105. During a password recovery, what is the next step after configuring the system to boot into single-user mode? 

A. Reset the root password. 

B. Press the space bar. 

C. Type recovery. 

D. Press the "Enter" key. 

Answer: C 

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Q106. Which statement is true regarding an Ethernet collision domain? 

A. If a router is used, the collision domain includes all devices connected to the router. 

B. If a hub is used, the collision domain is limited to each device and the hub. 

C. If a switch is used, the collision domain is limited to each device and the switch. 

D. If a bridge is used, the collision domain includes all devices connected to the bridge. 

Answer: C 

Q107. In which hierarchy are routing policies defined? 

A. [edit policy-options] 

B. [edit routing-options] 

C. [edit forwarding-options] 

D. [edit protocols] 

Answer: A 

Q108. A packet is evaluated against three user-defined terms within a firewall filter and no match is found. 

What correctly describes the action the firewall filter will take for this packet? 

A. The filter will permit the packet and take no additional action. 

B. The filter will reject the packet and send an ICMP message back to the sender. 

C. The filter will discard the packet and take no additional action. 

D. The filter will permit the packet and write a log entry to the firewall log. 

Answer: C 

Q109. What is the default export routing policy for EBGP? 

A. Accept all active BGP routes. 

B. Accept all BGP routes. 

C. Accept no routes. 

D. Accept all active IGP routes. 

Answer: A 

Q110. You are asked to configure real-time performance monitoring (RPM) between two Junos devices to track traffic in your network. 

Which two application traffic types can you track? (Choose two.) 





Answer: A,C 

84. You are troubleshooting a routing issue and need to check the hop-by-hop path to the destination. 

Which three commands would display the path? (Choose three.) 

A. user@router# traceroute 

B. user@router> ping record-route 

C. user@router>traceroute 

D. user@router# run traceroute 

E. user@router# ping record-route 

Answer: B,C,D 

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