[100% Correct] JN0-332 Juniper exam engine 231-240 (Aug 2021)

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2021 Aug JN0-332 answers

Q231. You want to ensure end-to-end data connectivity through an IPsec tunnel. Which feature would you activate? 


B. VPN monitor 

C. perfect forward secrecy 


Answer: B 

Q232. A system administrator detects thousands of open idle connections from the same source.Which problem can arise from this type of attack? 

A. It enables an attacker to perform an IP sweep of devices. 

B. It enables a hacker to know which operating system the system is running. 

C. It can overflow the session table to its limit, which can result in rejection of legitimate traffic. 

D. It creates a ping of death and can cause the entire network to be infected with a virus. 

Answer: C 

Q233. The SRX device receives a packet and determines that it does not match an existing session.After SCREEN options are evaluated, what is evaluated next? 

A. source NAT 

B. destination NAT 

C. route lookup 

D. zone lookup 

Answer: B 

Q234. What are three valid Juniper Networks IPS attack object types? (Choose three.) 

A. signature 

B. anomaly 

C. trojan 

D. virus 

E. chain 

Answer: ABE 

Q235. Which two statements in a source NAT configuration are true regarding addresses, rule-sets, or rules that overlap? (Choose two.) 

A. Addresses used for NAT pools should never overlap. 

B. If more than one rule-set matches traffic, the rule-set with the most specific context takes precedence. 

C. If traffic matches two rules within the same rule-set, both rules listed in the configuration are applied. 

D. Dynamic source NAT rules take precedence over static source NAT rules. 

Answer: AB 

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Q236. Which type of Web filtering by default builds a cache of server actions associated with each URL it has checked? 

A. Websense Redirect Web filtering 

B. integrated Web filtering 

C. local Web filtering 

D. enhanced Web filtering 

Answer: B 

Q237. On which component is the control plane implemented? 



C. RE 


Answer: C 

Q238. Which three parameters are configured in the IKE policy? (Choose three.) 

A. mode 

B. preshared key 

C. external interface 

D. security proposals 

E. dead peer detection settings 

Answer: ABD 

Q239. Which three statements are true when working with high-availability clusters? (Choose three.) 

A. The valid cluster-id range is between 0 and 255. 

B. Junos OS security devices can belong to more than one cluster if cluster virtualization is enabled. 

C. If the cluster-id value is set to 0 on a Junos security device, the device will not participate in the cluster. 

D. A reboot is required if the cluster-id or node value is changed. 

E. Junos OS security devices can belong to one cluster only. 

Answer: CDE 

Q240. Under which configuration hierarchy is an access profile configured for firewall user authentication? 

A. [edit access] 

B. [edit security access] 

C. [edit firewall access] 

D. [edit firewall-authentication] 

Answer: A 

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