Jul 2021 updated: Actualtests Juniper JN0-130 free download 41-50

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2021 Jul JN0-130 question

Q41. Two Level 2 routers are exchanging Hello packets with different Area IDs. What occurs between these routers? 

A. An Adjacency is formed. 

B. No IS-IS PDUs are sent. 

C. An Adjacency does not form. 

D. An Adjacency forms but traffic is not forwarded. 

Answer: A 

Q42. Which utility is used to assign a flow of data to a traffic class? 

A. ip profile 

B. policy-list 

C. classifier-list 

D. rate-limit-profile 

Answer: B 

Q43. The output of the show aaa domain-map displays the following information: 

Domain: isp1.com; virtual-router: vr1; loopback: 1 

Domain: isp2.com; virtual-router: vr2; loopback: 1 

Domain: none; virtual-router: vr3; loopback: 1 

Domain: default; virtual-router: vr4; loopback: 1 

The end user supplies a login name of joe@isp7.com. Which virtual router is responsible for authenticating this user? 

A. vr1 

B. vr2 

C. vr3 

D. vr4 

Answer: D

Q44. Which statement describes queue and buffer management in the E-series router? 

A. Buffer memory is managed dynamically in the I/O module. 

B. Buffer memory is managed dynamically in the switch fabric. 

C. Buffer memory is managed dynamically on egress line modules. 

D. Buffer memory is managed dynamically on ingress line modules. 

Answer: C 

Q45. Which command prompts an ERX Edge Router to go into a loopback mode on T1 number 1 when a command is received from a remote ERX Edge Router? 

A. t1 1 remote-loopback 

B. t1 1 loopback-remote 

C. t1 1 loopback remote 

D. t1 1 remote loopback 

Answer: A 

JN0-130 exam guide

Abreast of the times JN0-130 exam question:

Q46. Which three LSA types can be flooded within an OSPF stub area? (Choose three.) 

A. Type 1 

B. Type 2 

C. Type 3 

D. Type 5 

E. Type 7 

Answer: ABC 

Q47. What is true about a Bypass Tunnel in MPLS Fast Reroute? 

A. Only configured on the egress router. 

B. Only configured on the ingress router. 

C. Is pre-signalled to reduce packet loss. 

D. Must intersect the primary LSP at two locations. 

Answer: D 

Q48. What is a Label-Switched Path? 

A. a traffic engineered path 

B. another name for a Frame Relay PVC 

C. a bidirectional path through a network 

D. a unidirectional path through a network 

Answer: D 

Q49. Which CLI command shows if the router has formed any IS-IS adjacencies? 

A. showclns neighbor 

B. showisis neighbor 

C. showclns adjacency 

D. showisis adjacency 

Answer: A 

Q50. Which configuration command configures queue buffer allocation on the ERX Edge Router? 

A. qos-profile 

B. queue-profile 

C. scheduler-profile 

D. traffic-shape-profile 

Answer: B 

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