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2021 Nov JN0-691 exam cram

Q41. Which three steps are involved in troubleshooting any problem? (Choose three.) 

A. Reboot the device. 

B. Clearly define the problem. 

C. Outline the expected behavior. 

D. Determine who made the changes. 

E. Isolate the problem. 

Answer: B, C, E 

Q42. You must view the /var/log/messages file from the operational mode and filter only information related to the ae0 interface. The ge-0/0/0 and ge-0/0/1 interfaces are member links of the ae0 interface. Which command would you use to view this information? 

A. show log messages | match ae0 

B. show log messages | match "ge-0/0/0 | ge-0/0/1" 

C. show log | match ae0 

D. show log message 


Q43. You have configured an OSPF adjacency, but when viewing the OSPF neighbors, there is no adjacency in the output. What are three reasons for this problem? (Choose three.) 

A. MTU mismatch 

B. subnet mask mismatch 

C. duplicate interface IP address 

D. authentication mismatch 

E. area type mismatch 

Answer: B, C, D 

Q44. You are troubleshooting a connection problem with an EBGP neighbor. You do not have access to this neighbor device. What would you use to view the neighbor’s parameters? 

A. Use a firewall filter with a syslog action to view incoming packets. 

B. Use the cflowd feature to send packets to an analyzer to view incoming packets. 

C. Use themonitor interface trafficcommand to view incoming packets. 

D. Use themonitor traffic interfacecommand to view incoming packets. 


Q45. An OSPF adjacency is not forming between two routers directly connected using SONET/SDH interfaces. What are two reasons for this behavior? (Choose two.) 

A. The data-link connection is down. 

B. The network type on both routers is point-to point. 

C. The IP subnets on both routers are different. 

D. The subnet masks on both routers are different. 

Answer: A, C 

Update JN0-691 sample question:

Q46. Click the Exhibit button. 

-- Exhibit --user@R1> show configuration interfaces lo0 unit 5 { 

family inet { filter { 

input JUNOS; 


user@R1> show configuration firewall family inet filter JUNOS term term1 { 

from { 

protocol tcp; 

port [ telnet ftp ftp-data snmp ssh syslog http tacacs 64644 1024-65535 ]; 

then { log; accept; 

term default { then { discard; 

} -- Exhibit --Referring to the exhibit, which three statements are true? (Choose three.) 

A. R1 will drop all traffic with destination address 

B. R1 will drop all OSPF packets. 

C. R1 will drop all non-TCP transit traffic. 

D. R1 will accept telnet traffic. 

E. R1 will drop all BGP packets. 

Answer: B, D, E 

Q47. Which statement is correct about Layer 2 interfaces and their default behaviors? 

A. Access interfaces can transmit VLAN tagged and untagged traffic. 

B. Trunk interfaces can participate in multiple VLANs. 

C. Trunk interfaces can transmit untagged traffic. 

D. Access interfaces can receive VLAN tagged traffic. 


Q48. Click the Exhibit button.**Exhibit Missing** 

Which command removes only the ARP entries associated with the ge-0/0/0.0 interface? 

A. clear arp | match ge-0/0/0.0 

B. clear arp hostname"||" 

C. C.clear arp | except "ge-0/0/3|ge-0/0/4.104|ge-0/0/5.105" 

D. clear arp interface ge-0/0/0 


Q49. Click the Exhibit button. 

-- Exhibit– 

user@router> show configuration system services | display inheritance ssh; 


-- Exhibit --Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Inbound FTP connections to the router would not work. 

B. Outbound FTP connections initiated from the router would not work. 

C. Inbound FTP connections to the router would work. 

D. Outbound FTP connections initiated from the router would work. 

Answer: A, D 

Q50. Referring to the exhibit, you must clear a user session that is not responding. The user is logged in using the console. Which session must be cleared? 

A. TTY session p0 

B. TTY session p2 

C. TTY session p1 

D. TTY session u0 


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