Renew JN0-691: Testking real answers from 61 to 70

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2021 Nov JN0-691 exam answers

Q61. Which two commands would be used to troubleshoot control plane CPU problems? 

(Choose two.) 

A. show chassis fpc 

B. show chassis routing-engine 

C. show chassis forwarding 

D. show system processes summary 

Answer: B, D 

Q62. Which command is useful in testing the correct operation of an SNMP configuration toward an NMS? 

A. show snmp rmon 

B. show snmp mib 

C. show snmp v3 

D. request snmp spoof-trap 


Q63. You are asked to configure your MX480 device to flag a remote DTE into loopback mode. 

In which hierarchy would this capability be configured? 

A. [edit interfaces <interface-name> otn-options] 

B. [edit protocols mpls] 

C. [edit interfaces <interface-name> ether-options] 

D. [edit protocols oam] 


Q64. You have implemented GRES on the routers in your network. All routers are using OSPF. 

You want to ensure that traffic continues to flow uninterrupted if a Routing Engine switchover occurs. Which two features would accomplish this task? (Choose two.) 

A. Enable the VirtualRouter Redundancy Protocol. 

B. Enable nonstop active routing. 

C. Enable graceful restart. 

D. Enable nonstop forwarding with stateful switchover. 

Answer: B, C 

Q65. Which command would be used to clear stuck user sessions? 

A. request system reboot 

B. request system logout 

C. request chassis routing-engine master switch 

D. request routing-engine login other-routing-engine 


Rebirth JN0-691 test preparation:

Q66. Click the Exhibit button. -- Exhibit --user@R1> show pfe statistics traffic Packet Forwarding Engine traffic statistics: Input packets: 47593914461368 2 pps Output packets: 28805646 3 pps Packet Forwarding Engine local traffic statistics: Local packets input : 36278104324 Local packets output : 2 Software  input control plane  drops :  0 Software  input high drops :  0 Software  input medium drops : 0 Software input low drops : 0 Software output drops : 0 Hardware input drops : 191367536738 Packet Forwarding Engine local protocol statistics: HDLC keepalives : 0 ATM OAM : 0 Frame Relay LMI : 0 PPP LCP/NCP : 0 OSPF hello : 3883169 OSPF3 hello : 0 RSVP hello : 1440704 LDP hello : 4782297 BFD : 0 IS-IS IIH : 0 LACP : 0 ARP : 765512 ETHER OAM : 0 Unknown : 1897610 Packet Forwarding Engine hardware discard statistics: Timeout : 0 Truncated key : 0 Bits to test : 0 Data error : 0 Stack underflow : 0 Stack overflow : 0 Normal discard : 191367536738 Extended discard : 0 Invalid interface : 0 Info cell drops : 191367536738 Fabric drops : 191367536738 Packet Forwarding Engine Input IPv4 Header Checksum Error and Output MTU Error statistics: Input Checksum : 0 Output MTU : 0 -- Exhibit --Referring to the exhibit, which counter indicates a possible denial of service attack? 

A. hardware input drops 

B. normal discard 

C. info cell drops 

D. fabric drops 


Q67. An OSPF neighbor is stuck in the Exchange state. Which condition would cause this to happen? 

A. a mismatched area 

B. mismatched authentication 

C. a mismatched IP subnet 

D. a mismatched MTU 


Q68. Click the Exhibit button. 

Referring to the exhibit, which two behaviors are expected if User B sends a frame with a destination MAC address of 00:26:88:02:74:88? (Choose two.) 

A. The frame will be received and processed by the User C device only. 

B. The switch will receive and forward the frame. 

C. The frame will be received and processed by all host devices. 

D. The switch will receive and discard the frame. 

Answer: A, D 

Q69. Referring to the exhibit, you are attempting to configure the static route. The configuration commits; however, the route remains hidden in the routing table. What must you do to move the route from the hidden state to the active state in the routing table? 

A. Allow the prefix under the[edit routing-options martians]hierarchy. 

B. Change the next hop to a reachable addressunderthe[edit routing-options static]hierarchy. 

C. Use theinstalloption under the[edit routing-options static route]hierarchy. 

D. Use theretainoption under the[edit routing-options static route]hierarchy. 


Q70. Which statement is true regarding rpd scheduler slips? 

A. rpd scheduler slips indicate that the routing process must be restarted. 

B. rpd scheduler slips indicate that the routing process is too busy. 

C. rpd scheduler slips indicate that the routing process cannot implement a configured policy. 

D. rpd scheduler slips indicate that the routing process has failed. 


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