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2021 Nov JN0-691 practice

Q71. Which two Junos OS commands are helpful in confirming whether an Object Identifier (OID) has recorded the correct data? (Choose two.) 

A. show snmp mib get 

B. show snmp statistics 

C. show snmp v3 

D. show snmp mib walk 

Answer: A, D 

Q72. Which three statements are correct about ARP related troubleshooting? (Choose three.) 

A. Most devices that run the Junos OS allow you to specify a manual ARP entry. 

B. The monitor traffic interface <interface-name> command can be used to watch ARP packets. 

C. There are no default ARP policers on any devices running the Junos OS. 

D. An individual ARP entry can be cleared using the clear arp hostname command. 

E. The clear arp command also clears the IPv6 neighbor cache. 

Answer: A, B, D 

Q73. You suspect that your router is missing the .0/24 routes for your local network. You first want to look for the routes on the control plane before troubleshooting the data plane. 

Which operational mode command should you issue? 

A. show route forwarding-table 

B. show route flow validation table 

C. show route 

D. show arp 


Q74. A client has reported that they cannot establish an FTP connection to your Junos device. 

Which command would you use to diagnose the problem? 

A. show interfaces terse 

B. monitor interface traffic 

C. monitor traffic interface 

D. show interfaces extensive 


Q75. Which two statements are true about the Junos chassis daemon? (Choose two.) 

A. You can parse the chassis daemon log to view the details and time lines for hardware events that have occurred. 

B. Theshow log dcdcommand allows you to view chassis related events. 

C. You cannot parse the chassis daemon log to view the details andtimelines for hardware events that have occurred. 

D. Theshow log chassisdcommand allows you to view chassis related events. 

Answer: A, D 

Up to date JN0-691 training:

Q76. You cannot complete a Junos OS software upgrade because there is not enough disk space on yourrouter. Which two parameters would you add to therequest system software addcommand to help complete the upgrade? (Choose two.) 

A. no-copy 

B. no-validate 

C. unlink 

D. best-effort-load 

Answer: A, C 

Q77. Which CLI command would be used to verify the routing protocol daemon memory usage? 

A. show route summary 

B. show route detail 

C. show system processes extensive 

D. show chassis routing-engine 


Q78. Click the Exhibit button. -- Exhibit --user@R1> show route user@R1> show route forwarding-table destination Routing table:default.inet Internet: Destination Type RtRef Next hop Type Index NhRef Netif user 1 ucst 642 9 xe-1/1/0.0 -- Exhibit --Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true about transit traffic sent to 

A. R1 will discard the packet. 

B. R1 will forward the packet. 

C. R1 will redirect the packet to the Routing Engine. 

D. R1 will reject the packet. 


Q79. Which monitoring protocol allows you to securely monitor Junos devices? 

A. SNMPv3 

B. SNMPv1 

C. SNMPv2c 

D. SNMPv2u 


Q80. You are troubleshooting an EBGP peering that is not establishing between loopback addresses. In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.) 

A. Thelocal-address <loopback-address>must be configured. 

B. Theaccept-remote-nexthop statementmust be configured. 

C. Themultihopstatement must be configured. 

D. Themultipathstatement must be configured. 

Answer: A, C 

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