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Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) would like to target members who recently received and opened any promotional email with the subject line "NTO Spring Sale."
Whatfeature should be used to target these members?

  • A. Email Send Report
  • B. Group Refresh
  • C. Engagement Split
  • D. SQL Query Activity

Answer: C

The Northern Trail Outfitters' email team is creating a reusable content block for its Deals to Run With campaign. They will cross-promote thiscampaign in other emails in a single-column content area. This content will have one image, with text below it.
How could the email team create one content area and reuse it across other emails using Content Builder without writing any custom HTML?

  • A. Create a Free Form content block.
  • B. Create an Image content block.
  • C. Create an HTML content block.
  • D. Create a Text content block.

Answer: A

An email marketing team has beentasked with building a new email that pulls in personalized content based on customers' preferences. The team has decided to create dynamic rules to accomplish this setup.
What are the four elements that are required for the creation of a dynamic content rule?

  • A. Preferences, Value, Operator, Lists
  • B. Lists, Value, Operator, Images
  • C. Customers, Value, Operator, Content
  • D. Attribute, Value, Operator, Content

Answer: D

As part of a weekly email automation, a client needs to segment data in a Data Extension. Which activity is designed to address this scenario?

  • A. Import Activity
  • B. File Transfer Activity
  • C. Group Refresh
  • D. Query Activity

Answer: C

Which strategy will improve email deliverability? (Choose 3)

  • A. Purge old or inactive email addresses
  • B. Purchase lists from companies that guarantee users have opted in
  • C. Ensure the spam complaint rate is between 1% and 3%
  • D. Authenticate email to distinguish it from spammers
  • E. Encourage subscribersto add the company's sending domain to their address books

Answer: ADE

Which two best practices should thecustomer follow to ensure marketers across the company are taking full advantage of Content Builder?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Plan for content to be used cross-channel, eliminating duplicates.
  • B. Create folders for each type of uploaded content.
  • C. Import all content up front, rather than piece by piece.
  • D. Optimize the way content is stored with a naming convention.

Answer: AD

A marketing team is using two systems to send emails. The team wants to maintain unsubscribe information between both of thesystems. In order to remain compliant, they would like to update Marketing Cloud subscription status weekly based on unsubscribes from the other system.
Which solution should they use to maintain subscriber status?

  • A. Import unsubscribes into a dataextension, then update status with a query.
  • B. Create an automation triggered on unsubscribes from the other system.
  • C. Create a suppression workflow for the unsubscribed accounts.
  • D. Import unsubscribes with the appropriate status into All Subscribers.

Answer: D

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) plans to launch an email campaign. They have two data extensions. The Mountain Manor Campaign data extension will contain the sending audience for this campaign and includesfields for Email Address, Full Name, Loyalty Member ID, and Loyalty Member Status. NTO will be using AMPscript to reference data in a second, nonsendable data extension named Loyalty Member.
Which field on the Mountain Manor Campaign data extension shouldbe created as a Primary Key to create unique relationships with the Loyalty Member Profile data extension?

  • A. Loyalty Member ID
  • B. Loyalty Member Status
  • C. Full Name
  • D. Email Address

Answer: A

An email marketing team has been tasked with building a new email that pulls in personalized content based on customers' preferences. The team has decided to create dynamic rules to accomplish this setup. What are the four elements that are required for the creation of a dynamic content rule?

  • A. Attribute, Value, Operator,Content
  • B. Lists, Value, Operator, Images
  • C. Preferences, Value, Operator, Lists
  • D. Customers, Value, Operator, Content

Answer: A

An email marketer is writing the next send's subject line. What can the marketer do to make the subject line more effective? (Choose 2)

  • A. A/B test the effectiveness of different subjects
  • B. Include information relevant to the message in the subject line
  • C. Include "RE:, "FWD:" "etc." to get reader's attention
  • D. Keep the subject text between 50 to 100 characters long

Answer: AB

A marketer is completing a checklist prior to deploying an email, what action will validate feature completed when initiated

  • A. confirm that each contentarea specified in the dynamic content rules existed.
  • B. Identify phrases like click here or free that could be marked as spam
  • C. ensure subscriber status at the time of send subscribe or bounced.
  • D. ensure subscriber have not subscribed or are undeliverable.

Answer: A

A marketer wants to ensure that emails follow the basic brand guidelines. Which feature helps ensure emails have the correct layout and logos?

  • A. Email templates
  • B. Preference Management
  • C. Portfolio
  • D. Data Extensions

Answer: A

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send a promotional offer every Friday morning between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. The content of the will change on aweekly basis. The promotional email will be sent to subscribers in the Promotions Data Extension.
What send method should be used to minimize errors?

  • A. Send Email Activity
  • B. Recurring Send Schedule via Guided Send
  • C. Send Flow
  • D. Triggered Send

Answer: D

NTO would like to create a landing page that displays subscribers information pass to it from email link on the page, This page contains a smart capture form,NTO would like to require email address and reply date and response for subscriber’scompleting the form, how should NTO will set the data extension

  • A. create a data extension with email address, reply date and response fields as non-null able
  • B. crate a data extension with email address reply date and responsefields as null able
  • C. createthe data extension with email address as the primary key and reply date and response fields as nullable
  • D. create a dataextension with email address as non-nullable and reply date and response fields as nullable

Answer: A

A marketing associate at Northern Trail Outfitters must create an email campaign for the company's new winter offerings. Which method could the associate use to create the email message? (Choose 2)

  • A. Email Send Wizard
  • B. User-initiated email message
  • C. Email templates
  • D. HTML Paste

Answer: CD

An email marketing team is setting up a campaign to message customers who register for an event. The registration data is being gathered in another system and will be passed to Marketing Cloud daily, and updates made to the customers’ registration information will be reflected in the same file.
How should the import of event registration data be configured?

  • A. Use the Import Activity to overwrite the records in the data extension.
  • B. Use the Import Wizard to add new records into the data extension.
  • C. Use the Import Wizard to overwrite the records in the data extension.
  • D. Use the Import Activity to add new recordsinto the data extension.

Answer: A

How are the test audiences for an A/B test selected? (Choose 2)

  • A. The testadministrator chooses which subscribers to place in each audience
  • B. The system automatically uses 15% of the population for each audience
  • C. The system randomly places target subscribers into the selected audiences
  • D. The test administrator selects a percentage or a fixed number of target subscribers from the total for each audience

Answer: CD

A marketer is designing email for mobile devices.
Which three design best practices would the marketer use? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Stack the content in a single column.
  • B. Keep copy simple and direct.
  • C. Useimage-based text for hero graphics.
  • D. Cut content to make the message fit above the fold.
  • E. Design with the most important content at the top.

Answer: ABE


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