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A marketing manager is looking at the Tracking Overview Tab from a send to an audience of 1000, where the Total Opens are 1000, but the Unique opens are 100. They are excited about having a 100% open rate.
What should they know about Total Opens?

  • A. Total opens indicates how many subscribers opened the email.
  • B. Total opens includes every time the email was displayed with images.
  • C. Total opens w a great indicator of campaign success.
  • D. Total opens may not include email clients that render email with images off.

Answer: B

Northern Train Outfitters sends email orderconfirmations to customers who have made online purchases. These emails must follow the "Transactional" CAN-SPAM classification requirements. Which feature would a marketer use to classify a send under this CAN-SPAM classification?

  • A. Send Classification
  • B. Send Definition
  • C. Delivery Profile
  • D. Sender Profile

Answer: A

Which segmentation activity can be used to refresh data on a recurring schedule via an Automation? (Choose 2)

  • A. SQL Query activity
  • B. Data Extract activity
  • C. Filter activity
  • D. Segment activity

Answer: AC

What is a personalization string?

  • A. A snippet of text that inserts subscriber attributes into an email
  • B. An automated way of scraping a websitefor content to populate inside of an email
  • C. The snippet of text at the top of the email that is visible before an email has been opened
  • D. A content area that will display based on a subscriber attribute

Answer: A

A marketer is preparing an email for sending and completing quality assurance checks. Which testing feature mirrorslogic used by spam filters to identify words, phrases, and patterns that are likely triggers, allowing marketers to make changes that will improve deliverability?

  • A. Spam Check
  • B. Validate
  • C. Content Detective
  • D. Subscriber Preview

Answer: C

An account has a Subscriber Key enabled, and will be providing a unique key for each subscriber from an external system. A marketer wants to create a data extension for sendingemail campaigns. What steps would the marketer take when creating the data extension? (Choose 2)

  • A. Check the "Is Sendable" option
  • B. Set the column representing the Subscriber Key as a Primary Key
  • C. Set the Email address column as a Primary Key
  • D. Relatethe Email address to the Suscriber Key

Answer: AD

Which data model should be used to create a Group?

  • A. Active Audiences
  • B. Data Filters
  • C. Lists
  • D. Data Extensions

Answer: C

Northern Train Outfitters wants the From Name on the monthly Newsletter to come from a specific User who is set up in the Marketing Cloud. Which feature would be used to set up this From Name selection?

  • A. Sender Profile
  • B. Content information
  • C. Can-SPAM classification
  • D. Delivery Profile

Answer: C

A customer leverages transactional messages to send order confirmations. What type of message should be used in this situation?

  • A. Test Send
  • B. User-Initiated Email
  • C. Send Flow
  • D. Triggered Email

Answer: D

A 15-person management team wants to review test emails in Content Builder prior to live deployment based on content that is personalized for them but is clearly noted as a testemail.
How should a marketer accomplish this task without compromising the email content?

  • A. Create a list composed of the management team, prepend Test" to the Subject, and use the Send Flow to send the email to the list.
  • B. Find each individual with Subscriber Preview and Test Send to each individual Recipient.
  • C. Create a data extension composed of the management team, create a User-Initiated Send Definition, select the email, prepend "Test" to theSubject, select the data extension, and send the email.
  • D. Create a Test data extension composed of the management team and Test Send to the Test data extension.

Answer: C

Northern Trail Outfitter's Quality Assurance process requiresthat a team of users evaluates all parameters of an email send, including Email, Subject Line, Send Classification, and other properties, prior to manually sending the email.
What tool in Email Studio enables a marketer to save and execute a send manually?

  • A. Send Flow
  • B. User-Initiated Email
  • C. Send Activity
  • D. Guided Send

Answer: D

What is the timeline for which an unsubscribe request must be honored and processed as outlined by the CAN-SPAM Act?

  • A. 5 business days
  • B. 30 calendar days
  • C. 10 business days
  • D. 24 hours

Answer: C

Northern Trail Outfitters is implementing Marketing Cloud and is unsure whether to use lists or data extensions. Their consultant recommended they use data extensions.
Which three considerations did the consultant take into account when recommending a data extension-based model over lists?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. They have fewer than 15 data points.
  • B. Flexible data storage is needed.
  • C. They have fewer than 250,000 subscribers.
  • D. They are storing product and store data.
  • E. Journey Builder willbe used.

Answer: BDE

A marketer is about to introduce Content Builder to the entire Northern Trail Outfitters' marketing team. Which three considerations should the marketing team keep in mind as they begin using Content Builder?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Create a folder structure prior to importing assets.
  • B. Import duplicate copies of content for different messages or groups.
  • C. Establish a naming convention optimized for search.
  • D. Review permissions and roles for users accessing Content Builder.
  • E. Focus on creating and importing content for oneprimary channel.

Answer: ACD

A marketer created dynamiccontent for an upcoming campaign that renders unique content based on subscriber attributes. The marketer would like to preview how each email will render for a given list of
How should the marketer proceed?

  • A. Select the “Preview” tab withinthe Classic Content tool.
  • B. Create a user-initiated email to send to the list of subscribers.
  • C. Use the Test Send tool to trigger copies of the email.
  • D. Using the Subscriber Preview tool, cycle through the list of subscribers.

Answer: D

Northern Trail Outfitters uses HTML emails that haveheaders and footers coded into the email. What tool can the marketer use to control default headers and footers on email sends?

  • A. AMPscript Lookups
  • B. Dynamic Content
  • C. Sender Profile
  • D. Delivery Profile

Answer: A

The marketing manager of Northern Trail Outfitters is interested in A/B testing emails in order to increase subscriber engagement.
Which two practices should the marketing manager employ? (Choose two.)

  • A. Offer a special discount for opening the email.
  • B. Use a large sample size.
  • C. Wait at least 24 hours before declaring a winner.
  • D. Test multiple variations concurrently.

Answer: BC

Northern Train Outfitters needs to ensure that "Valued Customer" appears if no data exists in that field for a subscriber when using a personalization string to display the First_Name field in a data extension. How can the Marketer most easily achieve this during creation of the data extension?

  • A. Ensure the Nullable box is not checked for the First_Name field
  • B. Fill in the source data with "Valued Customer" for each blank First_Name field
  • C. Mark First_Name as the Primary Key
  • D. Make "Valued Customer" the Default Value for the First_Name field

Answer: D


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