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A marketer would like to automate a weekly email campaign using Automation Studio. The marketer needs to preconfigure the email so a colleague can set up the automation at a later date. How should the customer prepare this email for sending?

  • A. Send Email
  • B. Guided Send
  • C. Send Preview
  • D. Test Send

Answer: A

A marketer plans to send a Commercial email.
Which two criteria should be met to ensure compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act? (Choose two.)

  • A. Include a phone number to call.
  • B. Include the mailingaddress of the sender.
  • C. Ensure an opt-out link is present.
  • D. State why the subscriber is receiving the email

Answer: BC

A file is received daily from a data provider to the account SFTP. This file needs to be imported into Marketing Cloud as soon as it arrives. The arrival time of this file varies by several hours from day to day. What tools should be used to accomplish this?

  • A. Journey Builder Fire Event Entry Source
  • B. Automation Studio Schedule Starting Source
  • C. Automation Studio File Drop Starting Source
  • D. Journey Builder Import Activity Entry Source

Answer: C

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send monthly birthday coupons to their subscribers. What feature would allow for easy segmentation?

  • A. AMPscript
  • B. Measures
  • C. Query Activities
  • D. Data Filters

Answer: D

What is a true statement about Subscriber Key? (Choose 3)

  • A. SubscriberKey allows an email address to appear multiple times in a list or All Subscribers when populated with a value other than an email address
  • B. Subscriber Key is mapped to a field in a sendable data extension when defining a Send Relationship
  • C. SubscriberKey and Primary Key are interchangeable terms
  • D. Subscriber Key is a unique identifier for a subscriber, and can be populated with an email address or another unique value
  • E. Subscriber Key determines what update types will be available when importing data

Answer: ABD

Northern TrailOutfitters wants to create a dynamic welcome series to make each email more relevant to its subscribers. The second email in the series should send customers down a predetermined path based on click activity within the first email. Which Journey Builder activity should be used?

  • A. Engagement Split
  • B. Filter Activity
  • C. Decision Split
  • D. Random Split

Answer: A

Northern Trail Outfitters stores all customer information in a data extension and would like to know how many people are subscribed to a particular newsletter.
Which feature would provide this information?

  • A. Filtered Publication List
  • B. Data Filter
  • C. Filtered Data Extension
  • D. Measure

Answer: C

A marketer plans to send a transactional email.
Which three criteria should be met to ensure compliancewith the CAN-SPAM Act? (Choose three.)

  • A. The subject line contains a promotion to entice the recipient.
  • B. The email body presents the transactional content prior to any commercial content.
  • C. The email body presents any commercial content prior to the transactional content.
  • D. The email confirms a transaction between the recipient and sender.
  • E. The subject line is transactional in nature and non-promotional.

Answer: BDE

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has created a new onboarding series for customers who have purchased its fitness tracker. Customers were automatically opted in and received three emails from NTO within one day. The onboarding series includes personalized recommendations but lacks an easy way to opt out or update preferences.
In this scenario, what best practice was achieved?

  • A. Opting customers in automatically
  • B. Personalized recommendations
  • C. Sending multiple emails in one day
  • D. Preventing customers from opting out

Answer: B

A subscriber received a purchase confirmation email from Northern Trail Outfitters which did not contain a way to opt out.
What can be inferred about this email?

  • A. The email is commercial and not required to contain an opt-out link.
  • B. The email is transactional and not required to contain an opt-out link.
  • C. The subscriber can reply with 'opt out" in the email body to be removed.
  • D. The subscriber can mark the email to signify it is spam.

Answer: B

A marketer needs to create an attribute named Gender that has a drop-down menu with appropriate values in the Profile Center. How can this beaccomplished? (Choose 2)

  • A. Select the data type as Text
  • B. Set a custom maximum length of six
  • C. Create restricted values
  • D. Select the attribute as required

Answer: CD

What is required on an email message by the United States CAN-SPAM Act? (Choose 2)

  • A. Any Mailing Address
  • B. Physical Mailing Address
  • C. A way to Unsubscribe
  • D. Alink to the sender's website

Answer: BC

A team wants toimport a fife with column names that do not match the fields into a data extension. What step is needed to align the file data to the field names in the data extension?

  • A. Choose the appropriate date format.
  • B. Name the new import definition.
  • C. Map the attributes in the file.
  • D. Select the delimiting character.

Answer: C

Which metric is the measure of emails rejected by a server due to permanent conditions such as"user unknown" or "domain not found"?

  • A. Soft Bounce
  • B. Validation Error
  • C. Unsubscribed
  • D. Hard Bounce

Answer: D

A NTO branding guidelines require heavy use of imaginary on its websites, app, e-mails, ads etc., what are two ways that NTO can optimize its email design to honor branding guidelinesand ensure subscribers are getting the best experience possible.
Choose two answers

  • A. style or text for when images do not display automatically
  • B. add background colors that match branding
  • C. let them be completely image based
  • D. use custom corporate font to match NTObrand

Answer: BD

Select three true statementsabout Content Detective?

  • A. Scans subject line and email body for spam triggers
  • B. Will remove invalid email address
  • C. Does not scan HTML code
  • D. Offers resolutions

Answer: ACD

Which one in NOT an offline tactic for capture email addresses?

  • A. Inbound Sales calls
  • B. Acquiring email for loyalty programs in store
  • C. Request email duringcheckout
  • D. Surveys at the counter
  • E. Acquisition associated with a receipt or ticket delivery

Answer: D

What are the ways that data can be imported into the marketing cloud? (Choose 3)

  • A. ImportActivity
  • B. Import Wizard
  • C. API
  • D. Query Activity

Answer: ABC


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