The Secret of NS0-145 braindumps

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2021 Nov NS0-145 exam cram

Q21. The super user receives an "Access Denied" message when he attempts to mount the new qtree. What is the most likely cause of this error? 

A. NFS is turned off on the storage system. 

B. The qtree has not been exported. 

C. The qtree is set to ntfs only security style. 

D. The qtree is missing from the /etc/hosts file. 


Q22. If you change the setting for the option cifs.neg_buf_size, you need to terminate CIFS on the storage system and do a restart for the changes to take effect. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q23. Which command displays the statistics for Ethernet network interfaces? 

A. netstat 

B. ifconfig 

C. sysconfig 

D. ifstat 


Q24. Which statement is NOT true if the /etc/exports file contains the following entry? 

/vol/vol72 -ro=host1:host3,rw,root=host2 

A. Read-write access is granted to all the hosts except host1 and host2. 

B. Read-only access is granted to both host1 and host3. 

C. Root access is granted to host2. 

D. Only host1, host2, and host3 can access /vol/vol72. 


Q25. To determine the version of Data ONTAP in which a bug has been fixed, use the NOW site _______ utility. 

A. System Configuration Guide 

B. NetApp Diagnostics 

C. Bugs Online/Release Comparison 

D. AutoSupport 


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Q26. NTFS allows file access based on ___________. 

A. NT ACLs and UNIX permissions. 

B. SID and password. 

C. NT ACLs and SID. 

D. UNIX permissions. 


Q27. Which will enable "symlink_strict_security"? 

A. options cifs.symlink_strict_security on 

B. cifs shares -change <sharename> -symlink_strict_security 

C. options symlink_strict_security=true 

D. options symlink_strict_security=on 


Q28. Which two statements are TRUE about Data ONTAP operating in 7-mode? 

A. A port and its configuration are owned by only one vFiler unit at a time. 

B. Ports and interface groups can be shared across data Vservers. 

C. Only the configuration and NOT the port are owned by a particular data Vserver. 

D. Ports and interface configuration cannot be shared across vFilers 

Answer: A,D 

Q29. You receive an error message from an iSCSI host stating there is an authentication error. Which command would you use to troubleshoot the failure? 

A. iscsi security delete 

B. iscsi security generate 

C. iscsi show adapter 

D. iscsi security show 


Q30. What is the main purpose of fractional reserve in SAN Environments? 

A. To thin provision volumes in an aggregate 

B. To reserve space for data overwrites after taking a snapshot 

C. To create non-space reserved LUN in a volume 

D. It is a command line utility for space management. 


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