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2021 Nov 117-300 exam guide

Q11. Which of the following options can be used to limit access to a share? (Select TWO correct answers)

A. untrusted users

B. write list

C. valid users

D. valid groups

E. accept list

Answer: B,C

Q12. What is true about the following share's access properties? (Choose TWO correct answers.)


path = /data/projects 

read only = no

admin users = timo, taki, @managers

A. @managers will be resolved as a Winbind group.

B. The timo and taki users can manipulate files regardless of the file system permissions.

C. @managers will be resolved as a Unix group.

D. @managers is a builtin default Samba group.

E. The "admin users" can be applied only to print shares.

Answer: B,C

Q13. There are multiple network interfaces on a server. Which parameters must you set in smb.conf to limit which interfaces Samba will accept connections? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. listen interfaces

B. bind interfaces only

C. interfaces

D. listen address

Answer: B,C


Which command in the Samba suite provides a means of manipulating NT Quotas on Samba file shares? (Specify only the command with no arguments or options)

Answer: smbcquotas


When configuring an OpenLDAP server to act as a proxy to a Microsoft Active Directory server, what is the correct database type for this stanza of the slapd.conf file?

database ________

suffix "cn=users,dc=testcorp,dc=com" 



uri "ldap://" 

chase-referrals yes

Answer: LDAP, ldap

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Q16. In slapd.conf, what keyword will instruct slapd to not ask the client for a certificatE. 

TLSVerifyClient = ______  

A. never

B. nocert

C. none

D. unverified

Answer: A


Specify one of the commands that can be used to check a Samba configuration file for syntactical correctness? (Specify only the command name without any parameters or path.)

Answer: testparm, samba-tool

Q18. Which command will display the groups a user belongs to on a remote SMB server?

A. net rpc group info

B. net rpc group member

C. net rpc user info

D. smblookup member

E. smblookup user

Answer: C

Q19. Which of the following Samba VFS modules can be used to store Windows ACLs?

A. vfs_acl_proxy

B. vfs_acl_fake

C. vfs_acl_tdb

D. vfs_acl_xattr

E. vfs_acl_ramdisc

Answer: C,D

Q20. Which command with Samba 3 would be used to search for all available workgroups/domains and NetBIOS names?

A. nmblookup

B. findsmb

C. smbget

D. winbrowse

Answer:: B

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