Dec 2021 updated: Actualtests Network Appliance NS0-145 exam answers 31-40

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Q31. File locking for a CIFS client is __________. 

A. advisory 

B. mandatory 

C. ordered 

D. optional 


Q32. Why does Data ONTAP save data in NVRAM memory prior to saving it to storage? 

A. Data ONTAP saves data in NVRAM memory to allow Data ONTAP to later write to disk from NVRAM. 

B. Data ONTAP saves data in NVRAM memory because it is more cost efficient than disks.snapvault initialize. 

C. Data ONTAP saves data in NVRAM memory to allow for faster access to read data than acquiring the same data from disk 

D. Data ONTAP saves data in the NVRAM in order to protect information in the event of power loss or other disruptions. 


Q33. What are 3 true statements about physical reallocation of data added in ONTAP 7.3? (Choose three.) 

A. Volume Snapshots do not need to be deleted for the reallocate to run effectively 

B. Reinitialize any SnapMirror relationship for the new physical geometry 

C. Dont run it on files, volumes, and LUNs that are in an aggregate created by a version of ONTAP earlier than 7.2 

D. Use aggr reallocate -p pathname to run the physical reallocate 

E. Use reallocate -p pathname to run the physical reallocate 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q34. Which option should be used with the nfsstat command to assist in decoding export and mount errors? 

A. nfsstat -d 

B. nfsstat -z 

C. nfsstat -c 

D. nfsstat –t 


Q35. Which anon option provides every user with root access to the export? 

A. anon=65535 

B. anon=65534 

C. anon=0 

D. anon=1 


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Q36. What is the purpose of RAID? 

A. RAID is a scheme that divides and replicates data among multiple physical disk drives. 

B. RAID protects disk data by creating a Snapshot copy of the data, which is then stored on a parity disk. 

C. RAID groups disks in a single enclosure. 

D. RAID combines multiple disk drives into an array of disk drives that performs better than a single large disk drive and provides fault tolerance. 


Q37. Which set of protocols provide block-level access to NetApp storage? 

A. CIFS and NFS 

B. iSCSI and FCP 

C. HTTP and FTP 

D. SNA and RPC 


Q38. Which exportfs command will temporarily export the resource <path> while ignoring the options specified in the /etc/exports file? 

A. exportfs -a <path> 

B. exportfs -u <path> 

C. exportfs -v <path> 

D. exportfs -i <path> 


Q39. Which iSCSI security method encrypts data between the initiator and the target? 

A. IPSec 


C. LUN masking 

D. Header and Data Digests 


Q40. A quota target can be applied to _______________. 

A. an aggregate 

B. a directory or a qtree 

C. a user group, or qtree 

D. a specific disk space threshold 


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