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2021 Dec NS0-511 exam

Q11. You and other administrators are in the habit of creating FlexClone LUNs and then not deleting them when they are no longer needed.

What should you do to help manage space utilization?

A. Use the flexclone split command.

B. Use the volume snapshot autodelete modify command.

C. Configure FlexClone LUNs to automatically be marked for deletion.

D. Configure FlexClone LUNs to automatically delete when they are one minute older than 30 days.

Answer: B

Explanation: ( fy.html)

Q12. You are implementing version flexible SnapMirror in a clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 environment.

Which type of SnapMirror policy would be used?

A. sync-mirror

B. version-flexible

C. async-mirror

D. vault

Answer: C


Q13. You are copying your data and replicating it off site. What is the called?

A. a backup

B. a demonstration

C. a version

D. a Snapshot

Answer: A

Explanation: (

Q14. You want to back up a critical Oracle database that resides on a LUN on the NetApp storage system.

You decide that a Snapshot copy is the most efficient way to back up the database. You cannot afford to create any down time for the database.

What must you do to ensure that the data in the database is consistent when you create the Snapshot copy?

A. Have the database administrator issue a checkpoint to the database then use SnapDrive for Unix to take the Snapshot copy of the database LUN.

B. Use SnapDrive for Unix to take the Snapshot copy of the database LUN.

C. Use SnapManager for Oracle to take the Snapshot copy backup.

D. Disable SnapDrive for Unix then run the backup from SnapManager for Oracle.

Answer: B

Explanation: (

Q15. What are two capabilities enabled by Snapshot copies? (Choose two.)

A. Change the volume language of a secondary Snapshot copy.

B. Recover previous versions of a file that was deleted.

C. Write to the Snapshot copy.

D. Create a clone of a FlexVol volume.

Answer: B,D

Explanation: ( and

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Q16. Your customer wants to replicate data between two NetApp clusters in different data centers.

Which two actions must be performed to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. A peer relationship must be created between the two clusters.

B. One inter-cluster LIF on each node must be configured.

C. Every controller in both clusters must have at least one inter-cluster LIF configured.

D. Every inter-cluster LIF must be configured on the same port with a data LIF.

Answer: A,B

Explanation: (

Q17. Click the Exhibit button.

You have a SnapProtect v10 environment as shown in the exhibit.

What are the two default Snapshot copies created automatically after creating a Storage Policy. (Choose two.)

A. Primary (Tape)

B. Primary (Classic)

C. Primary (NetApp)

D. primary (Snap)

Answer: B,D

Explanation: ( resources/24/1/SnapProtect+Overview+and+Design+Considerations+v48_1+2_052611.pdf)

Q18. A customer wants to modify the retention count of the SnapVault destination volume. Which policy should be used modify the attribute?

A. Snapshot policy

B. Volume policy

C. SnapMirror policy

D. Efficiency policy

Answer: C

Explanation: ( rule.html)

Q19. You must determine if there have been any backup problems overnight.

Which two reports in OnCommand Unified Manager 6.2 would provide you with the required information? (Choose two.)

A. Unresolved Incidents and Risks area

B. OnCommand Unified Manager Dashboard

C. OnCommand Cluster Events Details

D. OnCommand Job Events Details

Answer: B,D

Explanation: (

Q20. You must back up and replicate a Microsoft SQL server using SnapProtect in your clustered Data ONTAP environment.

Which three components must be correctly installed and configured? (Choose three.)

A. SnapDrive for Windows

B. OnCommand Workflow Automation

C. OnCommand Unified Manager 6.0

D. SnapProtect v10

E. SnapProtect iDataAgent

Answer: B,C,E

Explanation: ( 1205.aspx)

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