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2021 Oct OG0-093 free question

Q101. Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of enterprise architecture? 

A. To allow an enterprise to exploit the latest trends in technology 

B. To enable the CIO to take effective control of the business units across an enterprise 

C. To ensure compliance in an enterprise to corporate auditing standards 

D. To optimise an enterprise into an environment that is responsive to business needs 

E. To provide a set of standards that all actors must adhere to within an enterprise 



Q102. Which of the following describes an objective of Phase G: Implementation Governance? 

A. Finalize the Implementation and Migration Plan 

B. Establish the recourses for architecture governance 

C. Ensure conformance for the target architecture 

D. Operate the governance framework 

E. Develop the Target Technology Architecture 



Q103. According to TOGAF, in which sequence should Application Architecture and Data Architecture be developed in Phase C? 

A. Application Architecture should be developed first, then Data Architecture 

B. Application Architecture should be developed concurrently with Data Architecture 

C. Data Architecture should be developed first, then Application Architecture 

D. Application Architecture and Data Architecture may be developed in either sequence 



Q104. Which section of the TOGAF template for defining principles should highlight the requirements for carrying out the principle? 

A. Implications 

B. Name 

C. Rationale 

D. Statement 



Q105. Which model within TOGAF is intended to assist with the release management of the TOGAF specification? 

A. The Capability Maturity Model 

B. The Document Categorization Model 

C. The Integrated Infrastructure Information Model 

D. The Organizational Model for Enterprise Architecture 

E. The Technical Reference Model 



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Q106. Complete the sentence. TOGAF covers the development of four architecture domains, Application, Business, Data and__________. 

A. Capability 

B. Segment 

C. Technology 

D. Transition 

E. Vision 



Q107. Which one of the following statements about viewpoints is correct? 

A. A viewpoint is always specific to an architecture 

B. A viewpoint is used to create views in Phases E and F 

C. A viewpoint is used as a template to create a view 

D. A viewpoint is what a stakeholder sees 



Q108. According to TOGAF, which of the following steps in Phases B, C, and D occurs before development of the baseline or target architectures? 

A. Conduct formal stakeholder review 

B. Create Architecture Definition Document 

C. Define Roadmap components 

D. Perform gap analysis 

E. Select reference models, viewpoints and tools 



Q109. Which of the following is described by the TOGAF document as “a detailed plan of the system at component level to guide its implementation”? 

A. Architecture 

B. Artifact 

C. Deliverable 

D. Model 

E. View 



Q110. What technique does TOGAF recommend for evaluating the status of an organization to undergo change? 

A. Business Transformation Readiness Assessment 

B. Business Value Assessment Technique 

C. Capability-Based Planning 

D. Communications and Stakeholder Management 

E. Gap Analysis 



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