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Q41. A network administrator uses Panorama to push security policies to managed firewalls at branch offices. 

Which policy type should be configured on Panorama if the administrator wishes to allow local administrators at the branch office sites to override these policies? 

A. Implicit Rules 

B. Post Rules 

C. Default Rules 

D. Pre Rules 

Answer: D 

Q42. How can a Palo Alto Networks firewall be configured to send syslog messages in a format compatible with nonstandard syslog servers? 

A. Enable support for non-standard syslog messages under device management. 

B. Select a non-standard syslog server profile. 

C. Create a custom log format under the syslog server profile. 

D. Check the custom-format checkbox in the syslog server profile. 

Answer: C 


Reference: Page 16 of PDF available there. 

Q43. A hotel chain is using a system to centrally control a variety of items in guest rooms. The client devices in each guest room communicate to the central controller using TCP and frequently disconnect due to a premature timeouts when going through a Palo Alto Networks firewall. 

Which action will address this issue without affecting all TCP traffic traversing the firewall? 

A. Create a security policy without security profiles, allowing the client-to-server traffic. 

B. Create an application override policy, assigning the client-to-server traffic to a custom application. 

C. Create an application with a specified TCP timeout and assign traffic to it with an application override policy. 

D. Create an application override policy, assigning the server-to-client traffic to a custom application. 

Answer: C 

Q44. What option should be configured when using User-ID 

A. Enable User-ID per zone 

B. Enable User-ID per interface 

C. Enable User-ID per Security Policy 

D. None of the above 

Answer: C 

Q45. A security engineer has been asked by management to optimize how Palo Alto Networks firewall syslog messages are forwarded to a syslog receiver. There are currently 20 PA-5060 s, each of which is configured to forward syslogs individually. 

The security engineer would like to leverage their two M-100 appliances to send syslog messages from a single source and has already deployed one in Panorama mode and the other as a Log Collector. 

What is the remaining step in implementing this solution? 

A. Configure Collector Log Forwarding 

B. Configure a Syslog Proxy Profile 

C. Configure a Panorama Log Forwarding Profile 

D. Enable Syslog Aggregation 

Answer: A 



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Q46. When setting up GlobalProtect, what is the job of the GlobalProtect Portal? Select the best answer 

A. To maintain the list of remote GlobalProtect Portals and list of categories for checking the client machine 

B. To maintain the list of GlobalProtect Gateways and list of categories for checking the client machine 

C. To load balance GlobalProtect client connections to GlobalProtect Gateways 

D. None of the above 

Answer: B 

Q47. Which two interface types provide support for network address translation (NAT)? Choose 2 answers 

A. HA 

B. Tap 

C. Layer3 

D. Virtual Wire 

E. Layer2 

Answer: C,D 




Match each type of report provided by the firewall with its description. Answer options may be used more than once or not at all. 


Q49. Wildfire may be used for identifying which of the following types of traffic? 

A. Malware 



D. URL Content 

Answer: A 

Q50. Will an exported configuration contain Management Interface settings? 

A. Yes 

B. No 

Answer: A 

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