Tips to Pass 500-006 Exam (31 to 40)

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Q31. What should you use to back up the configuration of a Cisco TelePresence VCS (X5 software or above)? 

A. the backup and restore tool 

B. the serial port and the backup command 

C. the serial port and the xbackup command 

D. SCP to download the file called "backup.tft" 

Answer: A 


The Backup and restore page (Maintenance > Backup and restore) is used to create and restore backup files of your VCS data. 

Q32. Where do you change the Maximum Session Bit Rate for Video Calls? 

A. Device > Trunk 

B. System > Location 

C. Media Resources > Media Resource Group 

D. System > Enterprise Parameters 

E. System > Region 

Answer: E 



Q33. What does the hop count setting on the firewall traversal configuration limit on the Cisco TelePresence VCS? 

A. The number of Cisco TelePresence VCSs that a call can travel through. 

B. The number of firewalls that a call can travel through. 

C. The number of routers that a call can travel through. 

D. The number of switches that a call can travel through. 

Answer: A 


Configuring hop counts Each search request is assigned a hop count value by the system that initiates the search. Every time the request is forwarded to another neighbor gatekeeper or proxy, the hop count value is decreased by a value of 1. When the hop count reaches 0. the request will not be forwarded on any further and the search will fail. For search requests initiated by the local VCS. the hop count assigned to the request is configurable on a zone-by-zone basis. The zone's hop count applies to all search requests originating from the local VCS that are sent to that zone. 

Q34. How many peers can you configure per neighbor zone? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 4 

E. 5 

F. 6 

G. 8 

H. 12 

Answer: E 



Q35. What is required for Cisco TelePresence Server to communicate with Cisco WebEx, using the PSTN? 

A. Cisco TelePresence MCU 5300 

B. Cisco 3420 ISDN Gateway 

C. third-party interop key 

D. Web Conferencing feature key 

Answer: C 


PSTN audio support for WebEx Enabled Telepresence meetings This release adds support for PSTN audio WebEx meetings where previously the TelePresence Server (version 3 0) required SIP for the audio portion of the WebEx call You can read more about WebEx Enabled TelePresence with TelePresence Server 3.0 at guide/webex enabled tetepresence/cts_webex bndge html. Customers can now choose to use SIP or the PSTN for the audio portion of the call between WebEx and the TelePresence Server. This feature only applies to the call between WebEx and the TelePresence Server, and does not affect the audio connections between WebEx participants and the WebEx conference (which can be PSTN audio, SIP audio, or computer telephony). 

This feature requires that the Third Party Interop key is loaded on the TelePresence Server The TelePresence Server must be part of a Webex Enabled TelePresence deployment. See the Cisco WebEx Enabled TelePresence Configuration Guide, at hltp:// installatiem_and_configurationj3uictes_list.html, for details. 

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Q36. Why would an endpoint stop sending 720p in a call with a Cisco TelePresence MCU? 

A. The endpoint Ethernet speed renegotiated at half-duplex. 

B. The Cisco TelePresence MCU is using video to receive bit rate optimization to request a lower bandwidth. 

C. Another endpoint joined the conference, which brought the conference rate down. 

D. Another endpoint failed in its negotiation with the Cisco TelePresence MCU. 

Answer: B 

Q37. Which is the recommended method for backing up and restoring the SQL database? 

A. The TMS Tools application on the Cisco TMS server 

B. The SQL command-line editor 

C. Microsoft SQL Server Manager Studio Express 

D. SQL command-line scripting 

Answer: C 

Q38. What type of DNS record is required for URI dialing? 

A. MX record 

B. SIP record 

C. SRV record 

D. HTTP record 

Answer: C 

Q39. What happens if Cisco TelePresence VCS Control only has an 'AnyIPAddress' search rule configured in the traversal zone? 

A. All calls from the Expressway won't work 

B. All calls to the Expressway won't work 

C. Calls dialed with an alias from the Expressway won't work 

D. Calls dialed with an alias to the Expressway won't work 

Answer: D 

Q40. When can a transform rule be applied on a Cisco TelePresence VCS? 

A. searches, inter-zone and inter-subzone calls 

B. searches and inter-zone calls 

C. searches and inter-subzone calls 

D. inter-zone and inter-subzone calls 

Answer: B 

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