Tips to Pass PMI-002 Exam (311 to 320)

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2021 Aug PMI-002 test

Q311. Which of the following processes involves obtaining information (bids and proposals) from prospective sellers?

A. Procurement Planning

B. Source Selection

C. Contract Administration

D. Solicitation

Answer: D

Q312. Which of the following is output of the Plan Communications process?

A. Project records

B. Communications management plan

C. Performance reports

D. Formal acceptance

Answer: B

Q313. Correspondence, contract changes, and payment requests are ___________ of contract administration.

A. Outputs

B. Tools

C. Functions

D. InPuts

Answer: A

Q314. During the Develop Schedule process, a Project Manager may have to go through several iterations of the schedule before establishing the schedule baseline. All of the following are tools and techniques that may be used during this process:

A. Critical Path Method, GERT, Resource Requirements

B. Resource Levelling Heuristics, Mathematical Analysis, Calendar!

C. Duration compression, Resource Leveling Heuristics, PERT

D. GERT, PERT, Leads and Lags

Answer: C

Q315. Lessons learned session should be held at what point in a project?

A. At the project conclusion

B. At key milestones

C. When risk events occur

D. When sponsor want

Answer: B

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Q316. ___________ must be measured regularly to identify variance from the plan.

A. Stakeholder requirements

B. Project performance

C. Schedule progress

D. Cost and schedule

Answer: B

Q317. Who creates the the Lessons Learned document?

A. Customers

B. Project team

C. Project Sponsor

D. Stakeholders

Answer: B

Q318. The project baseline is _______.

A. Original plans plus the approved changes

B. Important in the project initiation phase

C. Initial estimates for tasks and resource utilization

D. Original plans and the approved major changes

Answer: A

Q319. _______ is the most accurate Estimate Cost technique.

A. Parametric modelling

B. Bottom up estimating

C. Analogous estimating

D. None

Answer: B

Q320. Fast tracking involves:

A. Developing workarounds for previous problems.

B. An increase in project risk.

C. Getting people to work longer with overtime.

D. Meeting schedule objectives by adding resources.

Answer: B

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