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2021 Aug 117-102 exam answers

Q71. The files in the /etc/skel directory are used by the

A. pwconv command.

B. pwunconv command.

C. useradd command.

D. passwd command.

Answer: C

Q72. Which of the following is the best way to list all defined shell variables?

A. env

B. set

C. env -a

D. echo $ENV

Answer: B

Q73. Which of the following describes the Linux ping packet or datagram?

A. IP packet with a packet type

B. ICMP packet with a message type

C. ICMP packet with a payload

D. UDP datagram with a protocol type

E. UDP datagram with a payload

Answer: B

Q74. When using /etc/ppp/peers/* files, which of the following is true:

A. The /etc/ppp/options should be empty.

B. Any user can run pppd from the command line.

C. The dial-on-demand option cannot be used.

D. You must use chap authentication.

Answer: A

Q75. What option of modprobe specifies the loading of all matching modules instead of stopping after the first successful loading?

A. -a

B. -f

C. -c

D. -e

Answer: A

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Q76. To exclude all log messages of a given logging facility, you should use a logging priority of:

A. none

Answer: A

Q77. The ______ command is used to modify or set the password expiration for a user.

A. chage

Answer: A

Q78. The _________ command is used to print out the current date and time on the system.

A. date

Answer: A

Q79. You are about to do some administration tasks on a server. 

Which command would you use to change the runlevel?

A. telinit

Answer: A

Q80. The primary web server is experiencing a DOS (denial of service) attack from the IP 192 .168 .123 .123. 

Which of the following iptab1es commands will add a rule at the beginning of the appropriate chain that will stop the attack while not responding back to the attacking machine?

A. iptab1es -D INPUT 2-s -j IGNORE

B. iptab1es -L OUTPUT 0 -d --disallow

C. iptab1es -I INPUT 1-s l92.168.123.123 -j DROP

D. iptab1es -A OUTGOING 1 -s --reject

Answer: C

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