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2021 May SY0-401 Study Guide Questions:

Q371. Which of the following presents the STRONGEST access control? 





Answer: A 


A: With Mandatory Access Control (MAC) all access is predefined. This makes it the strongest access control of the options presented in the question. 

Q372. When a communications plan is developed for disaster recovery and business continuity plans, the MOST relevant items to include would be: (Select TWO). 

A. Methods and templates to respond to press requests, institutional and regulatory reporting requirements. 

B. Methods to exchange essential information to and from all response team members, employees, suppliers, and customers. 

C. Developed recovery strategies, test plans, post-test evaluation and update processes. 

D. Defined scenarios by type and scope of impact and dependencies, with quantification of loss potential. 

E. Methods to review and report on system logs, incident response, and incident handling. 

Answer: A,B 


A: External emergency communications that should fit into your business continuity plan include notifying family members of an injury or death, discussing the disaster with the media, and providing status information to key clients and stakeholders. Each message needs to be prepared with the audience (e.g., employees, media, families, government regulators) in mind; broad general announcements may be acceptable in the initial aftermath of an incident, but these will need to be tailored to the audiences in subsequent releases. 

B: A typical emergency communications plan should be extensive in detail and properly planned by a business continuity planner. Internal alerts are sent using either email, overhead building paging systems, voice messages or text messages to cell/smartphones with instructions to evacuate the building and relocate at assembly points, updates on the status of the situation, and notification of when it's safe to return to work. 

Q373. A financial company requires a new private network link with a business partner to cater for realtime and batched data flows. 

Which of the following activities should be performed by the IT security staff member prior to establishing the link? 

A. Baseline reporting 

B. Design review 

C. Code review 

D. SLA reporting 

Answer: B 


This question is asking about a new private network link (a VPN) with a business partner. This will 

provide access to the local network from the business partner. 

When implementing a VPN, an important step is the design of the VPN. The VPN should be 

designed to ensure that the security of the network and local systems is not compromised. 

The design review assessment examines the ports and protocols used, the rules, segmentation, 

and access control in the systems or applications. A design review is basically a check to ensure 

that the design of the system meets the security requirements. 

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Avant-garde security+ + sy0-401:

Q374. Which of the following would be used when a higher level of security is desired for encryption key storage? 


B. L2TP 



Answer: D 


Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a hardware-based encryption solution that is embedded in the system’s motherboard and is enabled or disable in BIOS. It helps with hash key generation and stores cryptographic keys, passwords, or certificates. 

Q375. A security administrator implements access controls based on the security classification of the data and need-to-know information. Which of the following BEST describes this level of access control? 

A. Implicit deny 

B. Role-based Access Control 

C. Mandatory Access Controls 

D. Least privilege 

Answer: C 


Mandatory Access Control allows access to be granted or restricted based on the rules of classification. MAC also includes the use of need to know. Need to know is a security restriction where some objects are restricted unless the subject has a need to know them. 

Q376. The network security engineer just deployed an IDS on the network, but the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) has concerns that the device is only able to detect known anomalies. Which of the following types of IDS has been deployed? 

A. Signature Based IDS 

B. Heuristic IDS 

C. Behavior Based IDS 

D. Anomaly Based IDS 

Answer: A 


A signature based IDS will monitor packets on the network and compare them against a database of signatures or attributes from known malicious threats. 

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Q377. Sara, an attacker, is recording a person typing in their ID number into a keypad to gain access to the building. Sara then calls the helpdesk and informs them that their PIN no longer works and would like to change it. Which of the following attacks occurred LAST? 

A. Phishing 

B. Shoulder surfing 

C. Impersonation 

D. Tailgating 

Answer: C 


Two attacks took place in this question. The first attack was shoulder surfing. This was the act of Sara recording a person typing in their ID number into a keypad to gain access to the building. The second attack was impersonation. Sara called the helpdesk and used the PIN to impersonate the person she recorded. 

Q378. Jane, the security administrator, sets up a new AP but realizes too many outsiders are able to connect to that AP and gain unauthorized access. Which of the following would be the BEST way to mitigate this issue and still provide coverage where needed? (Select TWO). 

A. Disable the wired ports 

B. Use channels 1, 4 and 7 only 

C. Enable MAC filtering 

D. Disable SSID broadcast 

E. Switch from 802.11a to 802.11b 

Answer: C,D 

Explanation: Network administrators may choose to disable SSID broadcast to hide their network from unauthorized personnel. However, the SSID is still needed to direct packets to and from the base station, so it’s a discoverable value using a wireless packet sniffer. Thus, the SSID should be disabled if the network isn’t for public use. A MAC filter is a list of authorized wireless client interface MAC addresses that is used by a WAP to block access to all unauthorized devices. 

Q379. Pete, the security engineer, would like to prevent wireless attacks on his network. Pete has implemented a security control to limit the connecting MAC addresses to a single port. Which of the following wireless attacks would this address? 

A. Interference 

B. Man-in-the-middle 

C. ARP poisoning 

D. Rogue access point 

Answer: D 


MAC filtering is typically used in wireless networks. In computer networking, MAC Filtering (or GUI filtering, or layer 2 address filtering) refers to a security access control method whereby the 48-bit address assigned to each network card is used to determine access to the network. MAC addresses are uniquely assigned to each card, so using MAC filtering on a network permits and denies network access to specific devices through the use of blacklists and whitelists. 

In this question, a rogue access point would need to be able to connect to the network to provide access to network resources. If the MAC address of the rogue access point isn’t allowed to connect to the network port, then the rogue access point will not be able to connect to the network. 

Q380. Joe, a newly hired employee, has a corporate workstation that has been compromised due to several visits to P2P sites. Joe insisted that he was not aware of any company policy that prohibits the use of such web sites. Which of the following is the BEST method to deter employees from the improper use of the company’s information systems? 

A. Acceptable Use Policy 

B. Privacy Policy 

C. Security Policy 

D. Human Resource Policy 

Answer: A 


Acceptable use policies (AUPs) describe how the employees in an organization can use company systems and resources, both software and hardware. 

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