[May 2021] vcp5 to vcp5-dcv

Exam Code: PMI-001 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Project Management Professional
Certification Provider: PMI
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2021 May PMI-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q571. The three types of estimates that PERT uses to define an approximate range for an activity’s cost are: 

A. Parametric, most likely, and analogous. 

B. Least likely, analogous, and realistic. 

C. Parametric, optimistic, and pessimistic. 

D. Most likely, optimistic, and pessimistic. 

Answer: D 

Q572. Which action should a project manager take to ensure that the project management plan is effective and current? 

A. Conduct periodic project performance reviews. 

B. Identify quality project standards. 

C. Follow ISO 9000 quality standards. 

D. Complete the quality control checklist. 

Answer: A 

Q573. The project manager at an organization has just realized that some of the engineering staff has been allocated to project Y and will not be available to finish task X. The project manager has also discovered that at the current pace, it will not be possible to complete the project on time. Due to cost constraints, hiring more work force is not a viable option. Which tools are at the manager's disposal? 

A. Resource leveling and fast tracking 

B. Fast tracking and crashing 

C. Crashing and applying leads and lags 

D. Scheduling tools and applying leads and lags 

Answer: A 

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Update actual test vcp5-dcv:

Q574. The cost of nonconformance in a project includes: 

A. testing 

B. rework 

C. inspections 

D. training 

Answer: B 

Q575. What does a CPI value greater than 1.0 indicate? 

A. Cost right at the estimated value 

B. Cost under the estimated value 

C. Cost right at the actual value 

D. Cost over the estimated value 

Answer: B 

Q576. The Process Group in which the internal and external stakeholders interact and influence the overall outcome of the project is the: 

A. Monitoring and Controlling Process Group. 

B. Initiating Process Group. 

C. Planning Process Group. 

D. Executing Process Group. 

Answer: B 

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Refined what is vcp5-dcv delta exam:

Q577. Which process group contains the processes performed to finalize all activities? 

A. Planning Process Group 

B. Executing Process Group 

C. Monitoring and Controlling Process Group 

D. Closing Process Group 

Answer: D 

Q578. Which of following could be organizational process assets? 

A. Historical information 

B. Industry standards 

C. Organization infrastructure 

D. Marketplace conditions 

Answer: A 

Q579. Which technique is utilized in the Schedule Control process? 

A. Performance Measure 

B. Baseline Schedule 

C. Schedule Comparison 

D. Variance Analysis 

Answer: D 

Q580. Which earned value management (EVM) metric is a measure of the cost efficiency of budgeted resources expressed as a ratio of earned value (EV) to actual cost (AC) and is considered a critical EVM metric? 

A. Cost variance (CV) 

B. Cost performance index (CPI) 

C. Budget at completion (BAC) 

D. Variance at completion (VAC) 

Answer: B 

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