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2021 Sep vcp550 online:

Q61. The bandwidth between two sites is too slow to transfer large virtual machine files. The administrator needs to export a virtual machine to OVF to reduce the size of the transfer. When the administrator attempts to initiate the Export OVF Template feature, the selection is grayed out. 

What is the likely reason that the administrator is unable to select this option? 

A. The virtual machine is in a powered on state. 

B. There is not enough disk space on the destination for the OVF. 

C. The administrator's account does not have the correct privileges. 

D. The virtual machine is not compatible with the OVF format. 

Answer: A 

Q62. An administrator needs to know the estimated time remaining on a virtual machine that is hosting a critical accounting application given current assigned resources such as memory, CPU, and disk. 

When an administrator selects the virtual machine in the vCenter Operations Manager console, which major badge should the administrator investigate to determine this information? 

A. Risk 

B. Health 

C. Efficiency 

D. Time Remaining 

Answer: A 

Q63. While shutting down a vApp for maintenance, a vSphere administrator determines that one 

of the virtual machines stays powered on. The administrator manually powers off the virtual machine inside the vApp. 

Which step should the administrator take to prevent the virtual machine from staying powered on in the future? 

A. Change the Shutdown Action for the virtual machine to None 

B. Change the Shutdown Action for the virtual machine to Power Off 

C. Change the Shutdown Action for the virtual machine to Manual 

D. Change the Shutdown Action for the virtual machine to Excluded 

Answer: B 

Q64. A vSphere administrator is creating a vApp for a multi-tier application. Every time the vApp 

is started, the virtual machines perform a file system check. 

Which action should the administrator take to resolve this issue? 

A. Change the shutdown action in the vApp to Guest Shutdown 

B. Change the shutdown action in the vApp to Graceful Shutdown 

C. Change the shutdown action in the vApp to Graceful Power Off 

D. Change the shutdown action in the vApp to Guest Power Off 

Answer: A 

Q65. During the installation of ESXi, a vmkernel interface can be configured with what capabilities? 

A. Management traffic 

B. Management traffic and vMotion 

C. Management traffic, vMotion and Fault Tolerance logging 

D. Management traffic, vMotion, Fault Tolerance logging and IP storage 

Answer: A 

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Most recent exam vcp550:

Q66. What is the minimum virtual machine compatibility setting required for a virtual machine to run on a vSphere 5.5 host? 

A. ESXi 5.1 and later 

B. ESXi 3.0 and later 

C. ESXi 4.1 and later 

D. ESXi 3.5 and later 

Answer: D 

Q67. An organization is designing a new vSphere cluster to support a new product implementation. 

The following challenges have been identified by the vSphere administration team: 

.The organization has the vSphere Enterprise License. 

.The network team needs to gather virtual machine network statistics over a long period of time. 

.The network team needs the ability to quickly assess virtual machine traffic in the event of 

an attack. 

.The network team has previously had problems implementing manual etherchannel configurations on their physical switches, resulting in production outages. 

.The new cluster's initial size is 15 hosts. 

The organization is willing to upgrade to vSphere Enterprise Plus licensing if it addresses these challenges. 

Which three features of a version 5.5 vSphere Distributed Switch would address these challenges? (Choose three.) 

A. LACP in Dynamic Mode 

B. Port Mirroring 

C. Network vMotion 

D. Private VLANs 

E. Network I/O Control 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q68. Which controller is recommended for high disk I/O workloads? 

A. BusLogic Parallel 

B. LSI Logic Parallel 

C. LSI Logic SAS 

D. VMware Paravirtual 

Answer: D 

Q69. A vSphere administrator enables Fault Tolerance on a powered off virtual machine that has the following configuration: 

.The virtual machine's single thin provisioned virtual disk is sized at 100GB. 

.The datastore that houses the virtual machine has 120GB of free space. 

After Fault Tolerance has been configured, another administrator attempts to use Enhanced vMotion to move a 30GB virtual machine file into the same datastore and receives an error. 

What condition could cause this behavior? 

A. Fault Tolerance inflated the virtual machine's virtual disk file. 

B. Fault Tolerance created a temporary logging file on the same datastore. 

C. Fault Tolerance created a secondary copy of the virtual machine's virtual disk file. 

D. The Fault Tolerance logging file ran out of disk space. 

Answer: A 

Q70. Which privilege should the administrator assign to allow a user to create baselines using Update Manager? 

A. Manage baseline 

B. Attach baseline 

C. Stage baseline 

D. Configure baseline 

Answer: A 

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