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A Linux server has multiple IPs. A Linux administrator needs to verify if the HTTP server port is bound to the correct IP.
Which of the following commands would BEST accomplish this task?

  • A. route
  • B. host
  • C. nslookup
  • D. netstat
  • E. ip

Answer: D

A Linux administrator installed a new network adapter and temporarily disabled the network service from starting on boot. The partial output of chkconfig is as follows:
XK0-004 dumps exhibit
Which of the following commands BEST describes how the administrator should re-enable the network service?

  • A. chkconfig --level 0 network on
  • B. chkconfig --level 0-6 network on
  • C. chkconfig --level 6 network on
  • D. chkconfig --level 12 network on
  • E. chkconfig --level 345 network on

Answer: E

A user has connected a Bluetooth mouse to a computer, but it is not working properly. Which of the following commands should the systems administrator use to fix the issue?

  • A. lsmod –i bluetooth
  • B. insmod bluetooth
  • C. modprobe –r bluetooth
  • D. depmod –i bluetooth

Answer: C

While creating a file on a volume, the Linux administrator receives the following message: No space left on device. Running the df –m command, the administrator notes there is still 50% of usage left. Which of the following is the NEXT step the administrator should take to analyze the issue without losing data?

  • A. Run the df –i command and notice the inode exhaustion
  • B. Run the df –h command and notice the space exhaustion
  • C. Run the df –B command and notice the block size
  • D. Run the df –k command and notice the storage exhaustion

Answer: A

Given that a company’s policy states that users cannot install third-party tools on Window servers, which of the following protocols will allow a Linux GUI to connect to a Windows server?

  • A. VNC
  • B. NX
  • C. RDP
  • D. X11

Answer: A

An administrator is troubleshooting an application that has failed to start after the server was rebooted. Noticing the data volume is not mounted, the administrator attempts to mount it and receives this error:
XK0-004 dumps exhibit
Upon checking the logical volume status, the administrator receives this information:
XK0-004 dumps exhibit
Which of the following can be said about the data logical volume, and how can this problem be resolved?

  • A. The logical volume is not activ
  • B. The administrator should make it active with lvchange -ay /dev/ datavg/datalv and then mount it.
  • C. The logical volume file system has become corrupte
  • D. The administrator should repair it with xfs_repair/dev/datavg/datalv and then mount it.
  • E. The logical volume is OK but the /dev special files are missin
  • F. The administrator should recreate them by running /dev/MAKEDEV.
  • G. The file system is read-onl
  • H. The administrator should remount it as read-write with the command mount - o remount.rw /data.

Answer: A

Two specific users need access to a directory owned by root where backups are located. Which of the following commands would BEST ensure the specified users can access the backup files?

  • A. umask
  • B. chcon
  • C. chmod
  • D. setfacl

Answer: D

A Linux administrator wants to fetch a Git repository from a remote Git server. Which of the following is the BEST command to perform this task?

  • A. git checkout
  • B. git clone
  • C. git merge
  • D. git config

Answer: B

A user, jsmith, needs access to database files located on a server. Which of the following will add jsmith to the “dba” group and preserve existing group memberships?

  • A. usermod –a –G dba jsmith
  • B. usermod –g dba jsmith
  • C. useradd –g dba jsmith
  • D. groupmod dba –u jsmith

Answer: AC

According to the reference given below. Both AC is correct.

An administrator is analyzing a Linux server which was recently hacked.
Which of the following will the administrator use to find all unsuccessful login attempts?

  • A. nsswitch
  • B. faillock
  • C. pam_tally2
  • D. passwd

Answer: C

A junior system administrator had trouble installing and running an Apache web server on a Linux server. You have been tasked with installing the Apache web server on the Linux server and resolving the issue that prevented the junior administrator from running Apache.
Install Apache and start the service. Verify that the Apache service is running with the defaults. Typing “help” in the terminal will show a list of relevant commands.
If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation, please click the Reset All button. CentOS Command Prompt
XK0-004 dumps exhibit

XK0-004 dumps exhibit
XK0-004 dumps exhibit

Does this meet the goal?
  • A. Yes
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

A junior administrator needs to unload an older video kernel module. Which of the following commands would BEST accomplish this task?

  • A. modprobe
  • B. insmod
  • C. rmmod
  • D. chmod

Answer: A

After starting a long-running script, a systems administrator needs to verify the frequency of what is filling up the /var partition and kill it because it is consuming too much space.
Which of the following is the correct sequence given only a terminal is available?

  • A. 1. CTRL-C2. bg3. watch df /var4. CTRL-C5. fg6. CTRL-Z
  • B. 1. CTRL-C2. fg3. watch df /var4. CTRL-Z5. bg6. CTRL-Z
  • C. 1. CTRL-Z2. bg3. watch df /var4. CTRL-C5. fg6. CTRL-C
  • D. 1. CTRL-Z2. bg3. watch df /var4. CTRL-Z5. fg6. CTRL-C

Answer: D

An administrator reviews the following configuration file provided by a DevOps engineer:
XK0-004 dumps exhibit
Which of the following would the application parsing this file MOST likely have to support?

  • A. YAML
  • B. AJAX
  • C. JSON
  • D. SOAP

Answer: C

Joe, a user, is unable to log in to the server and contracts the systems administrator to look into the issue. The administrator examines the /etc/passwd file and discovers the following entry:
Which of the following commands should the administrator execute to resolve the problem?

  • A. usermod –s /bin/bash joe
  • B. passwd –u joe
  • C. useradd –s /bin/bash joe
  • D. chage –E -1 joe

Answer: B

A Linux administrator needs to schedule a cron job to run at 1:15 p.m. every Friday to report the amount of free disk space on the system and to send the output to a file named “freespace”. Which of the following would meet this requirement?

  • A. 13 15 * * 5 df > /freespace
  • B. 15 13 * * 5 df > /freespace
  • C. 15 1 * * 6 df > /freespace
  • D. 15 13 6 * * df > /freespace

Answer: A


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